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Bull18 Cleaners – Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Turnkey Tile and Grout Cleaning Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in Melbourne:

  • Tile and grout stripping services
  • Tile regrouting service
  • Tile cleaning through high pressure
  • Color sealing for grout
  • Tile polishing service
  • Mould and algae treatment for tiles
  • Tile epoxy grouting service
  • Tile epoxy regrouting service
  • Shower floor and tub grout cleaning
  • Countertop cleaning
  • Commercial building floor cleaning and restoration
  • Fully trained and licensed experts
  • Safe cleaning; no risk to health

Bull18 Cleaners bring you the best professional tile and grout cleaning services in and around Melbourne. We understand that tiles do not stay fresh forever, no matter how well you clean them on a daily basis. Tiled floors tend to lose their sheen over the passage of time, especially when the grout starts to grow yellow or even black.

If you need tile or grout cleaning for your residential or commercial property, Bull18 Cleaners come in handy as an expert but affordable option. Be it your bathroom floor, your entryway pavement, your kitchen floor or even your restaurant floor that sees a massive footfall, we can make your tile floors look as good as new.

Specialized Tile and Grout Cleaning Services by Experts

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services melbourneWhen you think of squeaky clean floors, you know it can’t be done without professional help. Even if you manage to do high pressure-cleaning on your own, you will only be able to get the surface dust and dirt off. And if you end up using the cleaning agents available at your neighborhood store, odds are that you will end up damaging the protective coat of the tiles even if you ace grout cleaning.

It’s the expertise of a professional and experienced tile and grout cleaner that will not only keep your tiles in good health but also add a new life to them while cleaning the grout completely.

Bull18 Cleaners | We Clean More than Just Floors

Tired of the obstinate hard water and detergent spots on your bathroom walls? Is the grout around your sinks, showers and bathtubs killing the beauty of your bathroom? Is the grout on your bar countertop gathering all the grease and grime? Is the grout of your ancestral house coming off with the passage of time? We can fix all that for you. Our professional tile and grout cleaning experts can do more than just cleaning floors. We can make your kitchen and bathroom walls, bathtubs, countertops look like new. We’re as good at regrouting as we are at cleaning grout.

To know more or to hire our seasoned tile and grout cleaning experts to add a new life to your old floors and walls simply give us a call at 1300 BULL18.


  • 1. Whatís included in professional tile and grout cleaning service?

    The professional tile grout cleaning services include precise cleaning of mold and mildew that build-up on the surface of your tiles and grout. Tile grout cleaners use different specialized tools, like a rotatory scrubber, turbo hybrid spinner, and more with formulated cleaning solutions, to take care of your tile and grout requirements. They even offer inbuilt vacuum recovery to extract water while cleaning with operating pressure of around 500 psi to 2500 psi. With their deep cleaning services they ensure renewed appearance of your tiles and grout.

  • 2. Why should a professional clean my tiles?

    Since the grout lines are porous and may accumulate grime, dust, grease, and contaminants, and cleaning them with the help of professionals is absolutely essential. Some hard to remove contaminants and residues can use cleaned using soap scum and cleaning solutions in the laundry and bathroom.

    The best cleaning solutions are required to be agitated with a high-speed polisher or a grout brush along with a high-pressure cleaning system. The expert cleaners help you achieve the best possible results while cleaning.

  • 3. How is a professional tile cleaning service charged?

    All flooring specialists are charged per square meter. They ask the client to estimate the area size that will be serviced for cleaning. The professionals measure every room separately and confirm the overall dimensions before they start their work.

  • 4. What tile types do professionals specialize in cleaning?

    Various tile cleaning experts specialize in different types of tiles and other hard surfaces for cleaning, such as natural stones and engineered stones. Some common types of stones and tiles most cleaners specialize in cleaning are ceramic, limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, terracotta, granite, marble, vinyl, terrazzo, porcelain, and concrete.

  • 5. If I am not happy with the service, can I get a refund?

    It is recommended to get in touch with the cleaning companyís customer care team to talk about your concerns. A good customer care representative will assist you clearly and professionally. Usually, customer care is supposed to rectify any issues with their service. Since the customer is all about customer satisfaction, a partial or complete refund can be granted.

  • 6. How do I measure the area of tile and grout that needs cleaning?

    When quoting via the phone call, the best way is to measure the area to multiply the length and width of the area that needs cleaning. For instance, in a room thatís 2-meters long and 4-meters wide, the experts often calculate the exact dimensions on the site and even confirm before they begin to work on it. In some cases, the experts may even need some attention to provide a proper quote to a customer.

  • 7. How do I prevent tile and grout from getting dirty soon after cleaning?

    The thorough cleaning wonít stop a tiled floor from getting dirty all over again. However, the experts often apply a penetrating sealer on the tiled surfaces to prevent grease, dirt, and oil from binding to the tiles and grout while enabling them to be cleaned with ease.

  • 8. Can I use very strong cleaners, such as mould killers and bleach, for cleaning tile and grout?

    The chemicals are not recommended for cleaning tiles and grout, as they only take these surfaces to appear dirty. Very strong cleaners, such as mould killers and bleach, can just destroy the grout and get behind the tiles. Meanwhile, it causes them to loosen dirt and grime after proper floor cleaning.

  • 9. My tile grout has turned black, can professional cleaners make it white again?

    Mostly the professional cleaners can conveniently restore the grout back to its original condition. They apply the alkaline-based solution for removing excessive grease and also allow it for deeply penetrating for around 15 to 20 minutes and loosen up the soil, grease, and contaminants.

  • 10. Can I receive the price estimate before booking the service?

    Yes, you can receive the cost estimate before booking the service with a proper obligation-free quote. Your customer support representative required complete measurements of the floor or tiled walls that require cleaning or resealing.

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