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Affordable Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tile, floor, and grout cleaning might be labour-intensive, but they can bring beauty and refinement to your home or place of business. Scrubbing at the filth, grime, and stains on the floor and tile surfaces could take hours. Porous grout, tile, and floor may draw dirt, dust, and grime particles like a magnet.

Tile flooring enhances the beauty and sophistication of your house or place of business, but without regular tile and grout cleaning, your floors won't look their best or stay hygienic. Bull18 Cleaners advises having your tile and grout professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months because regular vacuuming, washing, and scrubbing typically aren't sufficient to fully clean them.

To keep your surfaces looking brand new and get rid of any harmful bacteria, you might need to schedule more frequent cleanings if your tile flooring is in a high-traffic area.


Bull18 Cleaners Offered the Best Tile and Grout Cleaning


Deep Tile and Grout Cleaning

With the special Tile and Grout Cleaning process from Bull18 Cleaners, your floors will be transformed! The tiled sections of your dining room, hallway, kitchen, and living room will all be cleaned as part of this special offer. Our deep tile and grout cleaning is a very efficient method for getting rid of dirt, mud, and grease.

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Deep Corner Cleaning

Services for deep cleaning corners are considerably different from regular cleaning procedures. With the aid of cutting-edge tools and premium cleaning supplies, we do deep corner cleaning. You may count on us to finish cleaning within a fair amount of time and, more importantly, perfectly!

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Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Bull18 Cleaners take out dirt and grime from your tile, grout, and floor with specialised cleaning chemicals and strong suction machinery, leaving your surfaces spotless and extending the life of your kitchen and bathroom tiles. Here, you get spotless tiles that look brand-new while also saving money.

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Efficient Tile and Grout Cleaning with a Well-Equipped and Efficient Team

High water pressure is the standard cleaning method used by most tile cleaning businesses.

To ensure that our specialists use significantly less water and pressure while cleaning for you, Bull18 Cleaners places a strong emphasis on thorough training. We carefully and securely massage our products into the floor to produce a cleaner that is both effective and kind. Unlike others, we also employ products that are far safer yet incredibly effective.


Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Every cleaning operation typically starts with a thorough consultation. We'll decide which parts of your house or place of business need to have their tile and grout professionally steam cleaned.

After that, we start the cleaning procedure, which entails:

Step 1

Sweep and wipe the tiled surfaces to remove any surface dust or grime. Use a heavy-duty tile cleaner after sweeping the floor with warm water. Your grout will be protected by this method.

Step 2

Applying a non-toxic cleaning solution is step two. To remove grease, grime, and pollutants, we use an alkaline-based degreasing solution and let it permeate for up to 20 minutes.

Step 3

An agitation treatment will be used to loosen any entrenched soil or dirt. The warm bucket of water should now contain the tile cleaner. Before beginning the cleaning, always rehearse using the proper PPE. To protect yourself, you must put on gloves and safety glasses.


Step 4

Applying stain removal treatment as necessary. The grout lines and tile surface are stirred up by substitute brushes. To provide a fantastic outcome for the entire floor, we also pay attention to the borders and baseboards. Select a good scourer for difficult dirt and stains. Scrub the tiles after dipping the scourer in the solution.

Step 5

The grout and tiles will be cleaned using a high-pressure steam cleaning procedure. Tile and grout are removed, or warm water is used to pressure rinse them. Waste is retrieved and captured in one step.

Step 6

Mopping the freshly cleaned surface will ensure that it dries spotlessly without leaving any streaks or stains. When there is no more water on the floor, we use powerful fans to completely dry the tile and grout. When finished, use warm water to mop the entire floor. Use the S-pattern when mopping and keep your back straight at all times to make the procedure simpler.

Why Do You Need Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners?

Bull18 Cleaners believes in giving a thorough cleanliness to help safeguard your investment and keep your floors looking fantastic since we recognise the value of your tile floors. Your tile, grout, and floor surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards with materials that are safe for the surface by our knowledgeable tile and grout cleaners.

To maintain your tile and grout regularly, professional services are required. We offer a professional tile and grout cleaning service to help our clients. Here are a few benefits of doing business with us.

Your tiles and grout's appearance can be revitalised by professional tile cleaners. At Bull18 Cleaners, we only utilise equipment and supplies that are made in Australia. We can clean and restore any type of tile or grout to its original appearance.

You've certainly tried a variety of cleaning techniques on your tiles and grout, but they rarely seem to work. This is so that dirt and bacteria can be absorbed by the rough texture of the grout. Normal cleaning by you makes it unable to reach deep enough to eliminate the discolouration and provide a thorough clean.

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Locations We Serve


Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Our tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne uses specialised industrial tools and potent cleaning agents. We can fully clean your tile and grout to the highest standards by using specially formulated cleaning solutions in conjunction with van-mounted high-pressure cleaning equipment.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth

We seal your tiles as part of our tile and grout cleaning in Perth, which helps to prevent and decrease staining by keeping the majority of stains suspended at the surface. A barrier is created by sealing, preventing chemical attacks, degradation, and contamination. The first crucial step in safeguarding your investment against stains is sealing. 

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane

Our primary service for tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane involves stripping, scouring, and cleaning to remove old sealant and its residue and restore the floor's original appearance. We can provide a thorough floor cleaning service for your tiles because we have all the required tools, abilities, and experience.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide

TOur tile and grout cleaning in Adelaide is the best option to clean your tiles effectively and efficiently and protect them against future staining and deterioration if you have surfaces that have become dull and aren't showing their true colour, have recently installed your tiles, or your previous sealer is wearing off.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney 

Tiles are frequently in excellent shape, but broken or degraded grout can make the whole area look drab and worn. Any tiled area that has suffered years of stains and marks will be noticeably improved by our tile and grout cleaning in Sydney. Regrouting may restore a tiled area to appear new, clean, and fresh.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra

Your grout lines will be sealed with a premium colour sealer as part of our tile and grout cleaning in Canberra, ensuring that they look great for years to come. After your tiled area has been thoroughly cleaned, a colourant is sprayed to give it a uniform appearance and to protect the grout to ward off further stains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The professional tile grout cleaning services include precise cleaning of mold and mildew that build-up on the surface of your tiles and grout. Tile grout cleaners use different specialized tools, like a rotatory scrubber, turbo hybrid spinner, and more with formulated cleaning solutions, to take care of your tile and grout requirements. They even offer inbuilt vacuum recovery to extract water while cleaning with operating pressure of around 500 psi to 2500 psi. With their deep cleaning services they ensure renewed appearance of your tiles and grout.
Since the grout lines are porous and may accumulate grime, dust, grease, and contaminants, and cleaning them with the help of professionals is absolutely essential. Some hard to remove contaminants and residues can use cleaned using soap scum and cleaning solutions in the laundry and bathroom. The best cleaning solutions are required to be agitated with a high-speed polisher or a grout brush along with a high-pressure cleaning system. The expert cleaners help you achieve the best possible results while cleaning.
All flooring specialists are charged per square meter. They ask the client to estimate the area size that will be serviced for cleaning. The professionals measure every room separately and confirm the overall dimensions before they start their work.
Various tile cleaning experts specialize in different types of tiles and other hard surfaces for cleaning, such as natural stones and engineered stones. Some common types of stones and tiles most cleaners specialize in cleaning are ceramic, limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, terracotta, granite, marble, vinyl, terrazzo, porcelain, and concrete.
It is recommended to get in touch with the cleaning companyís customer care team to talk about your concerns. A good customer care representative will assist you clearly and professionally. Usually, customer care is supposed to rectify any issues with their service. Since the customer is all about customer satisfaction, a partial or complete refund can be granted.
When quoting via the phone call, the best way is to measure the area to multiply the length and width of the area that needs cleaning. For instance, in a room thatís 2-meters long and 4-meters wide, the experts often calculate the exact dimensions on the site and even confirm before they begin to work on it. In some cases, the experts may even need some attention to provide a proper quote to a customer.
The thorough cleaning wonít stop a tiled floor from getting dirty all over again. However, the experts often apply a penetrating sealer on the tiled surfaces to prevent grease, dirt, and oil from binding to the tiles and grout while enabling them to be cleaned with ease.
The chemicals are not recommended for cleaning tiles and grout, as they only take these surfaces to appear dirty. Very strong cleaners, such as mould killers and bleach, can just destroy the grout and get behind the tiles. Meanwhile, it causes them to loosen dirt and grime after proper floor cleaning.
Mostly the professional cleaners can conveniently restore the grout back to its original condition. They apply the alkaline-based solution for removing excessive grease and also allow it for deeply penetrating for around 15 to 20 minutes and loosen up the soil, grease, and contaminants.
Yes, you can receive the cost estimate before booking the service with a proper obligation-free quote. Your customer support representative required complete measurements of the floor or tiled walls that require cleaning or resealing.

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Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning

There are gaps between the tiles when you lay tiles on a building. In those voids, grout would be filled to improve its appearance.

  • Creates the impression of a fresh floor.
  • Enhances the appearance of your house.
  • Removes mould and germs.
  • Offers a thorough cleaning.
  • Tiles and grout are undamaged.
  • Prolongs the life of the grout and tiles.
  • Complete the task quickly.
  • Time and money-saving
  • Stops Future Stains on the Grout and Tile
  • Your Tile Flooring Will Be More Durable.

Experts in Removing Tough Stains from Tiles

Due to its longevity and ease of care, tile flooring is a popular choice for homes, businesses, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants, among other places. On the other hand, regular mopping cannot remove the filth and grime that over time gathers in the porous surface of the tile and grout. You require our expert tile and grout cleaning services because of this.

Without the use of harsh chemicals, our expert tile cleaning service cleans and sanitizes the floor using a truck-mounted high-pressure steam system. Mould, mildew, and bacteria that have accumulated in the grout can be removed using high-pressure steam cleaning without harming the grout itself.

Why Should You Consider Us?

To maintain your tile and grout regularly, professional services are required. We offer a professional tile and grout cleaning service to help our clients. Here are a few benefits of doing business with us. At Bull18 Cleaners, we have the expertise and equipment to complete challenging renovation tasks so that the tiles sparkle and look brand-new.

Here is a list of our specialties to demonstrate why our tile and grout cleaning is the best. Look them up!

  • 24/7 professional assistance. 7 days a week.
  • Emergency cleaning services.
  • Having considerable knowledge and experience in cleaning.
  • High-quality cleaning services offered at a fair price.
  • Delivery of services on time.
  • Services that use cutting-edge technology.
  • We create a cleaning strategy based on the type and state of the tiles.

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Additional Cleaning Services Provided by Bull18 Cleaners


House Cleaning

Our house cleaning services are a wise choice for individuals who desire an immaculate living environment free from effort, worry, and stress, whether you need a one-time visit to freshen the place up or require regular home cleaning and maintenance that fits around your already jam-packed schedule.

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Vacate Cleaning

No matter where you are in Australia, Bull18 Cleaners has professionals who can provide a thorough clean. The most seasoned cleaners will leave no spot neglected and will cover every surface thoroughly, leaving no dust behind. Our emphasis on thorough cleaning makes sure that you receive your bond back.

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Move In/Out Cleaning

Moving homes can be tiring since you not only have to think about moving out but also about moving in. It's simple to feel overburdened when considering any type of cleaning with all the packing, organising, moving, and other tasks. We can also clean the house you move into, so it's not only the one you're leaving.

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Importance of Grout and Why Should Need Grout After Tiling

The secret to great-looking tiles is great-looking grout. Grouts rapidly absorb grease, filth, and lime scale because they are porous. Wine, lemonades, or any other fatty spills may leave stains and patches on the floor's joints.

Do you think you could install tiles without grout? It has been asked for ages. No, you should never attempt to lay tile without grout. That is the quick answer. You might be curious as to why. If grout doesn't increase the stability of the tile installation, why is it still necessary? Here is your response:

  • No matter how far apart the tiles are placed, there will still be a gap between them. The floor looks polished and the cracks are filled in with grout.
  • Grout makes sure that all lines are straight and that even little variations in the size of the tiles are undetectable.
  • Your tiles' gaps without grout will collect everything that spills to the floor. Even if you try to place the tiles exactly next to one another, it will still happen.
  • Even if they are placed closely together, tiles will shift if they are not grouted. Tiles can crack or chip as they rub up against one another and create pressure.
  • Tiles are kept in place by grout, which also serves as a barrier between them, by holding them firmly in place and preventing any movement in the first place.

If you need tile or grout cleaning for your residential or commercial property, Bull18 Cleaners come in handy as an expert but affordable option. Be it your bathroom floor, your entryway pavement, your kitchen floor or even your restaurant floor that sees a massive footfall, we can make your tile floors look as good as new.

The tile and grout cleaning service provider has been functional for several years in Melbourne and has been gaining reputation all across Australia as well. Bull 18 Cleaners is a professional setup for all your grout cleaning needs. With this mean and mean fighting machine, dust and germs will stay clear off your house!

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