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Bull 18 Cleaners started its operations in Melbourne but is now a known name throughout Australia. The quality of service coupled with efficient cleaning processes have propelled the vacate cleaners to the top of the competition. Bull 18 Cleaners offer a variety of move out cleaning services in major Australian cities some of which include Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and Canberra. The vacate cleaning outfit from Melbourne prides itself in providing services such as kitchen cleaning, floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc. with the best available equipment and skills.

These move-in move-out cleaners from Melbourne are known for their low prices and hand-tailored solutions. Vacate cleaning demands are on the rise throughout the urban strata of Australian society. Thousands of people live in rented spaces wherein they require proper and thorough cleaning after they vacate or move into a rented space.

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Services offered by Bull 18 Cleaners; professional move in move out cleaners in your city


Back Bond Cleaning Services

Bull 18 Cleaners are the way out for people moving out of rented residential and commercial spaces. With the right equipment and set of skills, the vacate cleaning service provider is well-poised to help you through the moving out process.

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Move-In Cleaning Services

Bull 18 Cleaners understand that you need a clean home before you move in. Not only clean, you need a spick and span house where you can live and function in peace! The company’s move-in services are top-notch so rest assured!

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End-of-lease Cleaning Services

When you are ready to vacate your house or office after your lease has expired, land owners usually require a clean space. Bull 18 Cleaners can help you smoothen this process. From dusting, scrubbing, and polishing, they have it covered!

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Convenient prices for move in move out cleaning services in Melbourne; Bull 18 Cleaners’ end-of-lease cleaning services

Effective vacate cleaning services at low prices. Call 1300 BULL18

Moving out or moving in? Either way, the stress of it all can take its toll. The last thing you want is to have a dirty place to work with. Bull 18 Cleaners have the right set of people and equipment and can help you with cleaning your living rooms, your bathrooms and your kitchens. From steam carpet treatments to grout and tile cleaning, from floor scrubbing to countertop polishing, Bull 18 Cleaners are committed to providing the best quality of service to its customers.


Tired Of The Moving Stress? Bull 18 Cleaners - The Melbourne Based Move In Move Out Cleaning Company Will Bail You Out!

  • Easy availability and ease of access
  • Trained professionals
  • Efficient vacate cleaning
  • Effective end-of lease cleaning

Relocation is not easy and can become overwhelming very easily. Whether moving in or moving out, cleaning is one unavoidable job.If you are also one of them, we at Bull18 Cleaners are here to help! Our team of professional crews will respect your emotions and ideas and give you the required move-in move-out cleaning services for your residential or office space. Bull 18 Cleaners’ cleaning job ensures a seamless transition as you get a neat and clean property to move in and do not have to worry about the bond deposit before moving out. Leave all the cleaning hassles to Bull 18 Cleaners and enjoy a smooth move!

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Move-in move-out cleaning requires an A to Z understanding of the industry and an eye for detail. Bull 18 Cleaners’ provide a comprehensive and fulfilling solution to dirty bathroom tubs, pesky kitchen sinks, and stained floors. After you move you, the company carries out the cleaning in the most efficient way possible.

Bull 18 Cleaners are equipped to handle anything from a one bedroom apartment to an entire industrial setup. The scope of work and timelines are decided based on the requirements gathered by cleaning experts. Vacate cleaning is an art that requires meticulous attention and skills. All professionals at the move-out cleaners are both talented and properly licensed.


Give Bull 18 Cleaners a nudge now! Move in move out cleaning made easy

Bull 18 Cleaners in Melbourne understand that you need to keep your part of the deal before you move out of your rented house. To make things easier for you, the vacate cleaners choose the most optimal approach designed just for you. Tailor-made solutions for move-in move-out cleaning are the reason behind Bull 18 Cleaners impressive success through the years.

From vacuum cleaning to steam treatments and from grout cleaning to floor scrubbing, anything and everything related to house cleaning is possible! Grab the chance to work with the most efficient move-in move-out cleaners in the city of Melbourne. Not only this, after the job is done, the company provides great after-sales support for curious customers.

With everything planned and executed to perfection, we clean carpets, floor, walls, and practically every nook and corner of your property. The ultimate aim is to make the property spotless before moving in or moving out. Fill out the form here and get in touch with the best move-in move-out cleaners in Melbourne!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional cleaning service with various techniques and products is needed at the time of moving in or moving out to ensure that you enter or leave a neat and tidy home. Certified cleaners are skilled in the proper way to clean dust, and sanitize your home or office space with right cleaning tools and techniques. With the help of a professional cleaning team, itís easier to create a perfect and healthy environment for your family.
All the move-in or move-out cleaning services are determined based on the number of rooms and bathrooms in a home or apartment. Additionally, the dining, living room, and kitchen areas are thoroughly cleaned with professional cleaners. You also donít have to worry about the cleaning of your kitchen appliances, air conditions and other electrical equipments; a good move-in or move-out cleaning service provider company will do that all for you.
You are required to pay for the cleaning team only after every service. The payment can be done by cash or direct deposit in a team memberís bank account. All the receipts are issued via email and the clients are required to discuss them with the cleaning company.
The professional cleaners often understand the clientsí need to cancel a service suddenly. They ask that a team member must be given 24-hour notice to cancel a service. It will allow them to pick extra work for covering any loss of income. In case a cleaning service is cancelled on the very same day for which it was scheduled, the full payment may be required from the customerís end. Even when you donít leave a key for cleaners or when they are not able to gain access to your property, you have to pay a small lockout fee.
Typically, the professional cleaners come equipped with their own equipment and cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean an apartment or home during move in or move out. If clients have specific preferences as to what products are required in their house, they can instruct the cleaner to bring that particular cleaning product or they can leave it on a table or somewhere else for a cleaning team to use it.
Yes, professional cleaners do guarantee their work. However, they wonít guarantee to eliminate permanent stains on carpets or other objects that required thorough cleaning. The experts are also happy to return and come back to discuss things that clientsí are not happy with. They even follow up with each customer to make sure 100-percent satisfaction is guaranteed.
The professional cleaners donít have any issues with that, as most expert cleaners are pet-friendly. However, they would appreciate it if clients could provide them pet safe and completely secure space before cleaning. Usually, a cleaning teamís job is not to pick up or clean animal ordure for hygienic reasons. So, you should take care of it yourself or ask the cleaners to bring some special safety gear to get it cleaned.
While the professionals are trained with proper cleaning procedures to take care of your objects at the time of cleaning, if anything is damaged, the cleaners do take responsibility for that. This means that they attempt to fix or restore it as soon as possible. They may even file a lawsuit, if necessary, to resolve the problem. The professional cleaners can retail and provide all types of insurance that are provided by law.
The professional cleaners do understand that life gets busy at times, and there can be a need to reschedule your moving in or moving out cleaning service. It is best to contact the professionals at least 24 hours ahead of time to adjust as per their team member’s schedule or try to schedule a new cleaning date and time.
If any situations are outside the control of expert cleaners, such as a road accident, traffic, a sudden staff illness, a staff injury, or a work accident, the professionals make sure to contact the customer as soon as possible. They further arrange for an alternate date and time thatís suitable for your move-in and move-out service.

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Cleaning Vans

Affordable move-in move-out cleaning services in Melbourne

From a wide range of expertise and services offered by the vacate cleaning experts, some are:

  • Vacuum cleaning and sweeping
  • Wiping and cleaning baseboards
  • Scrubbing, cleaning of bathtubs and shower
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of toilets
  • Cleaning of washbasins and sinks
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances

Cheap move-in move-out cleaners in your Melbourne vicinity; Hire now!

The vacate cleaning experts specialize both in moving-in cleaning in Melbourne as well moving-out cleaning services in Melbourne, owned by well-equipped qualified cleaning experts. Bull 18 Cleaners use modern cleaning technologies. We strive to offer timely and spotless cleaning services to suit the customers’ needs at the minimum costs. If you are looking for a trustworthy move-out or move-in cleaning services company, just rely on this one-stop-shop, Bull 18 cleaners. Without compromising on the highest quality cleaning standards, the company continues to optimise its service charges that suit the low budget clients too.

Bull 18 Cleaners are a professional set of cleaners who are dedicated to making things work for you. This is why they offer pricing plans for people with all kinds of budget constraints. All this, without compromising with the premium quality of service.

Save a ton by hiring professional move-in and move-out cleaners in Melbourne; Bull 18 Cleaners!

Top-quality commercial move-in move-out cleaning services in Melbourne; Bull 18 Cleaners’ professional cleaning services

If you want to ensure that your office building makes the right first impression, trust the experts at Bull18 Cleaners. We provide top-class commercial vacate cleaning services in Melbourne backed by over a decade of experience. Our expert vacate cleaning professionals use the latest technologies and procedures to help you maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for your tenants at your property before moving out.

Licensed Commercial Vacate Cleaners

Bull 18 Cleaners boasts of a strong and skilled buffer of cleaning professionals and experts. With years of experience and a solid infrastructure, cleaning any kind of commercial property is a walk in the park for these experts. Move-out cleaning especially requires meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for missed spots. Thankfully, the expertise of Bull 18 Cleaners can help you free yourself from the stress of leaving behind a dirty commercial space after the end of tenancy.

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Move-out cleaning services come in all shapes and sizes; Bull 18 Cleaners to the rescue!


Move-in Move-out House Cleaning

Whether you are moving in or moving out, cleaning is an integral part of the entire process. Moving in itself can be a stressful experience especially if you have kids or pets. With the right expertise and a knack for cleaning, Bull 18 Cleaners can help you with all kinds of residential move-in move-out cleaning needs.

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Move-in Move-out Office Cleaning

Offices are more tricky than residential spaces especially with an entire floor full of wires and fitted carpets. However, Bull 18 Cleaners are equipped and trained exactly for these situations. Moving in or moving out doesn’t matter for these experts! Show them a dirty office and they will clean it!!

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Specialized Vacate Cleaning Services

Vacate cleaning or move-out cleaning services may require specialized tools and staff in certain scenarios. For example, if the place to be cleaned is extra mouldy or has a lot of dirty grout, specialized equipment is required. Bull 18 Cleaners are well-equipped for any kind of cleaning job; big or small.

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Bull18's Move-In And Move-Out Cleaning Services In A Nutshell! How These Experts Pull It Off

Bull 18 Cleaners’ professional and experienced staff know what it takes to clean your property, so no supervision is required from you. Sit back and relax as the team restores the property value with world-class move in and move out cleaning services in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.
  • Vacate Cleaning
  • House Vacate Cleaning
  • Bond-Back Cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • End-of-Tenancy Cleaning
  • Dusting everything like furniture/curtains

Bull18 Cleaners understand the grey areas in the cleaning industry. They understand the stress and burden of shifting and renovations. They understand how and what needs to be done to quickly clean everything without compromising with their quality. Efficiency and effectiveness are paramount for the move-in move-out cleaners. With arms spread across Australia, the vacate cleaners in Melbourne are expanding at a fast rate.

Move-in move-out cleaning services are essentially comprehensive cleaning solutions for entire residential lots or offices. Not only is skill important but a solid infrastructure is just as crucial. Bull 18 Cleaners are backed by a solid foundation in this case. Rest assured, your cleaning is in good hands.

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