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Move Out Cleaning for Bond Back

We are the undisputed leaders when it comes to getting your bond money back because we understand the tiny details that your landlord is going to look for the day you move out of your house. He might be inclined to keep your bond money with him, but we won’t let that happen. We make sure that you leave the house spotlessly clean and that you get your bond money back. We take end-of-lease cleaning very seriously. We make sure that you are assigned a cleaning manager to take care of the most hard-to-reach spots in your house/ apartment. Depending upon the condition of the property and the way you have maintained it throughout your residence in the house, the cleaning manager is going to come up with a personalised plan and a set of cleaning supplies as well. A team of specialists appropriately and adequately equipped will ensure that your bedroom, living area, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, patio, balcony, driveway, and every corner of your house is free of dirt, dust, debris, contaminants, pollutants, allergens, mould, and mildew patches.


Move In Move Out Cleaning Services Offered By Bull18 Cleaners


Deep House Cleaning

We understand what makes deep cleaning successful. We make sure that every corner of your apartment is absolutely stain-free and well-sanitized. We will take care of all your rooms, including the exterior of your house and the much-ignored spaces such as your stairs, store room, balcony, and garage.

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Bedrooms and Living Area

Your bedrooms and living area are two of the most critical spaces in your house. Your bedrooms have corners and crevices that can be very difficult to reach. Your living area may comprise your living room and dining room, which can be tiresome but not for Bull18 Cleaners.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

The most difficult areas to clean are your kitchen and bathroom! They attract the most moisture. They have several spots marred with oil, food residue, extra moisture, cobwebs, mould and mildew, algae, rust, limescale, grout scum, and whatnot! Leave their responsibility to our cleaning specialists.

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Hire Professional Cleaners For Move-In And Move-Out Cleaning Service In Australia

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We understand that moving to a new house can be stressful. The only way out of this stress is to connect with us. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you can trust Bull18 Cleaners. We have highly trained and professional cleaning experts and specialists. They will make sure that your home or apartment is cleaned thoroughly with the latest and most modern cleaning techniques and equipment. We take care of everything, right from vacuuming your carpets to cleaning your floors, taking out the garbage to removing and replacing your curtains and upholstery, cleaning out your driveway, maintaining your garage, and restoring several patches on your walls to their former glory before the new tenant moves in.


The Importance of Move-in Move-out Cleaning

Move In Cleaning Service for New Renters

Move-in cleaning for new renters is very important. If you want your new house to look brand new to your potential tenants and feel fresh and well-sanitized, recommend a dependable and highly skilled move-in cleaning company to your new tenants right away.

Move In Cleaning Service for Landlords

Every landlord wishes his property/home or apartment could earn the maximum amount of rent. You want that too, and this is exactly why you should go for a move-in cleaning service specifically tailored for landlords and homeowners.

Moving Out Of A Rental Apartment or House

When you require assistance moving out of your rental apartment or house, the company that you can trust is Bull18 Cleaners. We are experts at the apartment and house cleaning during even the most complicated relocations. We are one of the leading and most trusted brands in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide when it comes to cleaning residential spaces.

Moving Out from Commercial or Industrial Place

We make sure that moving your office or any kind of commercial or industrial space is easier for you. You won’t have to deal with any dust, grime, clutter, allergens, pollutants, dirt, or any kind of germs at all. When we take matters into our hands, you can rest assured that you will move into your new, and absolutely clean and spotless commercial space in practically no time with Bull18 Cleaners.


Choose Bull18 Cleaners For Move-in Move-out Cleaning – The Benefits You Get

Competitive Rates

We have the best rates in the industry and a very transparent pricing policy. There are no hidden charges that you will have to pay at the end of the procedure. You can call us any time, and our pricing is always going to be uniform. We offer affordable cleaning services all over Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.

Highly Skilled & Experienced

We have a highly experienced staff that knows how to get your bond money back. They know the most relevant cleaning equipment, techniques, the most practical cleaning methodologies, stain removal tips, and more.

So Much Reliable

We are reliable and punctual, and we value your time. Our abundant workforce can handle any kind of cleaning task. We are committed to delivering the most exceptional cleaning services for you.

Unpacking Service

With the most skilled, qualified, trained, experienced, and dependable staff, we also assist you in packing and unpacking your critical office and household items.

Top-notch Equipment

We have groundbreaking technology when it comes to cleaning equipment. You also get a customised cleaning and sanitising plan depending on your needs and the size and current upkeep of your house.

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Locations We Serve


Move In/Out Cleaning Brisbane

Bull18 Cleaners is a highly coveted brand in the city of Brisbane. We provide the timeliest, most dependable, and most affordable move-in and move-out cleaning services in Brisbane. You get a quick and highly customised cleaning plan with us, regardless of how big or small your house is.

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Move In/Out Cleaning Melbourne

The people of Melbourne have come to rely on the services of Bull18 Cleaners. They have made us the undisputed leader in move-in and move-out cleaning in Melbourne. We make sure that your apartment, house, expensive condominium, or rented bungalow is absolutely clean when you have to move out of your property.

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Move In/Out Cleaning Adelaide

Move-in move-out cleaning in Adelaide? The brand you can count on is Bull18 Cleaners. Whether it is a local move or an interstate move, we ensure that your house is cleaned on time so that you can transition to your new house smoothly and stress-free.

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Move In/Out Cleaning Perth

Your move-in and move-out cleaning in Perth gets sorted with us at Bull18 Cleaners. If you are looking for a highly affordable, qualified, and a trustworthy cleaning crew that has spectacular recommendations and fantastic goodwill in the market, the only name you can trust in Perth is us

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Move In/Out Cleaning Sydney

The homeowners of Sydney have become highly dependent on Bull18 Cleaners. We enjoy a reputation in the market that other companies do not. We have a transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs. The thrifty generation of Sydney appreciates that quite a lot.

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Move In/Out Cleaning Canberra

The people have understood how move out cleaning in Canberra should work. They come to us with high expectations, and we make sure to fulfil all of them. The fact that they trust us drives us to perform better every time we serve them.

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Affordable Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Services In Australia

Your end-of-lease cleaning or move-in or move-out cleaning does not have to cost you a mountain of money. When you have the right professional by your side, you know that their pricing structure is going to be to the point. The experts are going to come in with the most modern and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, do their job, and wish you the best for your future. You can look out for the most easygoing and stress-free house cleaning experience with Bull18 Cleaners. Your floors, furniture pieces, doors, window frames, shelves, and every other fixture of your apartment will be shining clean. We offer full cleaning services in all cities, like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.


Why Choose Bull18 Cleaners?

Flexibility That Nobody Else Offers

The biggest advantage that you get with Bull18 Cleaners is our flexibility. Pick your day, your time, and your convenience, and we will be there to get your house or office cleaned up in a jiffy. Want to change the time slot? We accommodate that request too.

Book Your Cleaning Instantly

Booking with us is smooth and fast. You just have to confirm your appointment and choose your preferred method of payment. The payment gateway is going to guide you on how to make a fast and secure booking with us.

Unparalleled Experience

Bull18 Cleaners has unparalleled experience. You have the peace of mind to know that your house will be cleaned from every nook and corner so that you can get your bond money back without having to stress even a bit.

Transparent Pricing Strategy

We are affordable. Our pricing strategy comprises only relevant expenses and no hidden charges. The entire cost will be broken down for your understanding.

Bull18 Cleaners Will Turn Your Move In And Out Cleaning Into An Enjoyable Experience

Highly Skilled And More Than Capable

Want to remove that dried chewing gum from your carpet fibres? An ice cube can work wonders! Want to get rid of that gravy stain from your rugs? Rub the stain inward and collect it with a spatula. Just a few little details make the entire cleaning process a lot more enjoyable and satisfying to watch.

Reliable And Punctual Always

Associate with a reliable and punctual move-in and move-out cleaning company. The efficiency and the way they can minimise their movements and maximise the result are a few things that matter a lot. There will be no duplication of effort, and no two cleaning members will be assigned the same task.

Affordable And Flexible

Bull18 Cleaners believes in the scope for improvement and flexibility. We accommodate your needs and live up to your expectations. This is why we are as flexible as possible in terms of cleaning dates, time windows, availability, cleaning supplies, the kind of solutions you want, and the type of cleaning methodologies, equipment, and other preferences that you might have.

Other Cleaning Services Provided By Bull18 Cleaners


House Cleaning

We intend to clean your entire house, leaving no room neglected. Right from your hall to passageways, master bedroom to guest bedroom, kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, and even your library; we have everything on our list.

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Bond Back Cleaning

A lot of tenants get nervous because they are not confident about whether or not a cleaning company will be able to get their bond money back. This is where we come in. We make sure that you don’t lose your hard-earned money.

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Carpet Cleaning

We can easily clean any carpet without causing you too much trouble. We will provide the outcome that you have always imagined by using the latest cleaning tools and premium eco-friendly supplies.

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You Should Know About Our Special Move In/Out Cleaning Services

We Help You Prepare Your Space For The Next Tenant

As a homeowner or landlord, it is your responsibility that your apartment or house should look absolutely clean and come across as a wonderful abode for your potential tenants. The easiest way to ensure that your property is well maintained, clean, and perfectly sanitised is to associate with a dependable and experienced cleaning company such as Bull18 Cleaners.

You Will Leave Your Home The Way You Got It

You are disturbed by the dirt and the layers of dust that have covered your walls, doors, and window frames. The hidden stains on the back of the carpet are also a big reason that you have been getting nightmares. But we at Bull18 Cleaners ensure that you leave your house just the way you had seen it when you first moved in. Every nook and corner of your house will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Start Your New Life On A Clean Note

Moving into a new apartment? You haven't yet found a great move-in move-out cleaning company. You do not wish to spend the first evening in your new house washing the curtains or scrubbing the bathtub. This is something that you should hand over to the specialist. This is where Bull18 Cleaners comes into the picture.

Bull18 Cleaners is not only dependable but also your best ally when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your property and keeping it spotlessly wonderful without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional cleaning service with various techniques and products is needed at the time of moving in or moving out to ensure that you enter or leave a neat and tidy home. Certified cleaners are skilled in the proper way to clean dust, and sanitize your home or office space with right cleaning tools and techniques. With the help of a professional cleaning team, itís easier to create a perfect and healthy environment for your family.
All the move-in or move-out cleaning services are determined based on the number of rooms and bathrooms in a home or apartment. Additionally, the dining, living room, and kitchen areas are thoroughly cleaned with professional cleaners. You also donít have to worry about the cleaning of your kitchen appliances, air conditions and other electrical equipments; a good move-in or move-out cleaning service provider company will do that all for you.
You are required to pay for the cleaning team only after every service. The payment can be done by cash or direct deposit in a team memberís bank account. All the receipts are issued via email and the clients are required to discuss them with the cleaning company.
The professional cleaners often understand the clientsí need to cancel a service suddenly. They ask that a team member must be given 24-hour notice to cancel a service. It will allow them to pick extra work for covering any loss of income. In case a cleaning service is cancelled on the very same day for which it was scheduled, the full payment may be required from the customerís end. Even when you donít leave a key for cleaners or when they are not able to gain access to your property, you have to pay a small lockout fee.
Typically, the professional cleaners come equipped with their own equipment and cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean an apartment or home during move in or move out. If clients have specific preferences as to what products are required in their house, they can instruct the cleaner to bring that particular cleaning product or they can leave it on a table or somewhere else for a cleaning team to use it.
Yes, professional cleaners do guarantee their work. However, they wonít guarantee to eliminate permanent stains on carpets or other objects that required thorough cleaning. The experts are also happy to return and come back to discuss things that clientsí are not happy with. They even follow up with each customer to make sure 100-percent satisfaction is guaranteed.
The professional cleaners donít have any issues with that, as most expert cleaners are pet-friendly. However, they would appreciate it if clients could provide them pet safe and completely secure space before cleaning. Usually, a cleaning teamís job is not to pick up or clean animal ordure for hygienic reasons. So, you should take care of it yourself or ask the cleaners to bring some special safety gear to get it cleaned.
While the professionals are trained with proper cleaning procedures to take care of your objects at the time of cleaning, if anything is damaged, the cleaners do take responsibility for that. This means that they attempt to fix or restore it as soon as possible. They may even file a lawsuit, if necessary, to resolve the problem. The professional cleaners can retail and provide all types of insurance that are provided by law.
The professional cleaners do understand that life gets busy at times, and there can be a need to reschedule your moving in or moving out cleaning service. It is best to contact the professionals at least 24 hours ahead of time to adjust as per their team member’s schedule or try to schedule a new cleaning date and time.
If any situations are outside the control of expert cleaners, such as a road accident, traffic, a sudden staff illness, a staff injury, or a work accident, the professionals make sure to contact the customer as soon as possible. They further arrange for an alternate date and time thatís suitable for your move-in and move-out service.

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