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Australian house cleaning services that are specifically developed to meet your demands

We provide cleaning services throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane; you can rely on us since we are a locally-oriented business that has always supported and invested in our community.

You can feel comfortable trusting our cleaners in your home because every one of them has undergone a thorough background check and criminal background check by the police to ensure that they can be trusted to work with our most important asset, our clients.

Our amiable and skilled cleaning and housekeeping specialists have been offering house cleaning services in Australia for more than ten years, and they'll always provide you with a spotless home. Is there anything more enjoyable than coming home from a long day's work to find that all the housework has been done—the floors have been scrubbed, the windows have been cleaned, and the ironing is done? Leave the house cleaning to our professionals if you discover that you're constantly on the go so that you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Australian House Cleaning Services

The Top House Cleaning Services Offered By Bull18 Cleaners

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

One of the most crucial things you can do to keep your house in good shape and consequently raise the resale value of your home is to deep clean it. Of course, Bull18 Cleaners’ deep cleaning services are the best option for someone only interested in maintaining a clean and tidy home. With top-notch cleaning outcomes and no "missed spots" in your home, our deep cleaning services are sure to leave you completely delighted.

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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

You can rely on our knowledgeable staff to help you maintain a spotless kitchen. We will assist you with cleaning your messy kitchen and removing any filth or dampness that has accumulated over time. The kitchen floors will be mopped, and our skilled crew will clean the worktops, chrome fixtures, stove, chimney, etc. All electrical appliances' exteriors will also be cleaned to eliminate food stains, burn marks, etc.

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Garage Cleaning

End Of Lease Cleaning

In Australia, Bull18 Cleaners is recognised for providing thorough end-of-lease cleaning services. We will thoroughly clean every room in the house using the latest tools and cleaning methods, and we'll leave the house spotless and smelling fresh. Since most landlords check the carpets during inspections, carpet cleaning is our customers' top choice for our end-of-lease cleaning services.

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The Most Trustworthy Method of Obtaining Your Carpets, Rugs, and Curtains

Excellent cleaning services are provided by a team of top cleaners.

We also provide expert carpet cleaning as part of our home cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane. To offer steam and shampoo cleaning of your carpets and rugs, we have the best tools available. You won't have to worry about dropping you off and picking up your carpet because our carpet cleaning services are performed in the comfort of your own home. When our staff gets there, they will have all the tools and shampoo they need to clean the carpet in your house. They can assist you in getting rid of old stains, and once the service is finished, your carpet will smell and appear brand new. With the appropriate carpet cleaning equipment, carpets can be shampooed, washed, dry cleaned, or deep cleaned, depending on your needs.


Whether Move-in or Move-out? As long as Bull18's house cleaners are there to assist you, it makes no difference.

  • floor vacuum cleaning

  • sweeping with cleaning fluid

  • removing the trash that has accumulated in the kitchen

  • cleaning kitchen surfaces and removing food leftovers

  • general restroom and toilet cleaning

Who wants to return home from a demanding day to a messy house?

We frequently become so preoccupied with our professional lives that we neglect our domestic responsibilities because we are too exhausted to even think about doing the dishes. If this describes you, you might want to think about hiring a professional cleaner to help you with all these time-consuming chores and maintain your home spotless so you can fully enjoy it.

Make sure to impress your landlord by making your rental area spotless! Dial 1300 BULL18

The majority of the time, end-of-lease cleaning is a requirement of a contract that the owners have signed, so poor cleaning results are insufficient. Bull18 Cleaners assures clients of a complete, top-to-bottom cleaning that is ideal for move-in/move-out cleaning, property sales, and similar occasions. By the end of our service, the house will be spotless since we'll take care of everything from dusting to cleaning out kitchen cabinets!


Get Professional Cleaning to Make Your House Stand Out Among Others

You can be sure that your home will be thoroughly cleaned when you select a company like Bull18 Cleaners! We can make houses sparkle from top to bottom because of our fantastic, diligent crew and our vast selection of high-quality tools and supplies! Bull18 Cleaners isn't the only house cleaning business in the area, and we are aware of that. Nevertheless, we think that our relentless efforts, carefully selected employees, and devoted clientele give us an advantage over our rivals. The house will be thoroughly cleaned when you choose Bull18 Cleaners' cleaning services.

Pick a cleaning service that is dedicated to always offering the finest calibre of cleaning service each time we visit your home. We have the knowledge and local expertise to keep you informed about the kinds of things you should look out for in the neighbourhood and provide practical, preventative-based advice to assist you in maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

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Locations We Serve


House Cleaning Melbourne

More people are finding themselves unable to do household tasks because of time constraints or a lack of convenience as city life becomes busier. For your convenience, we offer house cleaning in Melbourne. Whenever feasible, we utilize our specialist cleaning tools and safe cleaning agents. Quality is always put first on our list of priorities. Since we have served a huge number of clients and have gotten positive reviews. 

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House Cleaning Sydney

With so many recreational opportunities on three of the peninsula's sides, Sydney locals and tourists alike have a natural leisure outlet. When it comes to maintaining a clean and organized home, it might be simple to put it off. After an eventful day, you can always return home to a cozy, peaceful atmosphere thanks to our house cleaning in Sydney. 

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House Cleaning Brisbane

Let's be honest. In Brisbane, things become busy. Cleaning can easily be put on the back burner when you have other obligations like work, school, kids, errands, and other duties. The problem is that being surrounded by unattended messes, clutter, dirt, and grime makes it difficult to enjoy your free time. Professional house cleaning in Brisbane is well worth the expense when life's messes begin to affect your quality of life. 

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House Cleaning Perth

There is no shame in acknowledging that you could use some assistance. Even when you do have the opportunity to use your mop and dust rag, you probably find that due to your other obligations, you aren't giving the task your full attention. At Bull18 Cleaners, we specialize in Perth house cleaning. To leave your property in the finest possible condition, our skilled staff employs time-tested procedures, premium cleaning equipment, and high-quality cleaning products. 

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House Cleaning Adelaide 

Working directly with agents, landlords, business owners, homeowners, and tenants is something we have done for many years. In our home cleaning Adelaide, we recognize that the property must sparkle and that a thorough clean must provide the property with the greatest possible first impression. The location will be properly cleaned and in the best condition possible after using our professional cleaning services. 

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House Cleaning Canberra

Working around your hectic schedule is what we do best, whether you require house cleaning in Canberra monthly, biweekly, weekly, or more frequently. To avoid any headache for you and consistently produce excellent outcomes. Spend no more time looking for "house cleaning services near me," whether you reside in a tiny apartment, a one-story home, or a huge multi-story building. Every room in your house will look brand new after we finish cleaning it at Bull18 Cleaners.

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Most Economical Cleaning Services Without Compromising the Quality

Receive the advantages of house cleaning services for the lowest cost in Australia

  • Cleaning and organizing counters

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Wall hangings that have been dusted (picture frames, artwork, etc.)

  • Cleaning the space behind and beneath pieces of furniture

  • Window and mirror cleaning

  • Cleaning the switchboards and baseboards

house cleaning services

Let Us Sparkle Your HomeSimple Access and Affordable Prices

The greatest house cleaning service in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane is here for you, no matter how big or tiny, old or new, mostly clean or untidy your place is. To guarantee that only dependable specialists may enter your house or workplace, our cleaners have undergone a thorough screening process, which included background checks. We teach our cleaning staff to utilize non-toxic, organic cleaning supplies and to be pet-friendly.

We provide a cleanliness guarantee and are completely insured and background verified. We will make things right if you're not satisfied with our work! To guarantee that your area is left spotless and that you can rely on professionals, we've assembled a team of meticulous house cleaners.

Are you looking for professional house cleaning services?Give Bull18 Cleaners a call at 1300 BULL18 right away to enjoy stress-free weekends while it takes care of the work!

Do you need assistance around the house?

We are aware of how unsettling it might be to have a stranger enter your home and handle your belongings. What if you have to clean up after them because they didn't do a decent job? Take heart! Bull18 Cleaners can take care of you! Simply schedule a home cleaning service, and our seasoned cleaners will have your house sparkling in no time! BOOK IT NOW since it only takes 30 seconds to do so! We will handle several chores in your house, including vacuuming, mopping, and dusting.

Experienced and knowledgeable house cleaners

You can choose the number of cleaners, the number of hours they must stay, and whether or not they should bring in their supplies based on your demands and the complexity of your home's cleaning requirements! Once you've made a reservation, we'll send qualified cleaners to your home to deliver a service that's specifically designed for you and your house.

Other Cleaning Services Offered By Bull18 Cleaners


Steam Cleaning Carpet

Bull18 Cleaners steam clean your carpets using industry-standard equipment. Our cleaning is of the highest caliber to provide your carpets with the greatest possible cleaning. Deep cleaning is provided via steam cleaning, which also increases the carpet's lifespan. Each employee has received specialized training, and they are all familiar with the materials and work procedures.

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End of Lease Cleaning

Additionally, we offer end-of-lease cleaning services so you can concentrate on starting your new chapter without having to worry about cleaning. No matter if you are moving into a new home or leaving an old one, grime and dust will be the furthest things from your mind since we take care to get all the hard-to-reach spots.

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Move Out Cleaning

We provide professional move-out cleaning services that are affordable and quick. Knowing that the cleaning team will handle every detail expertly will give you complete peace of mind. We provide expert services that will surpass your requirements and expectations. Bull18 Cleaners' goal is to make your rental property clean and hygienic once more.

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Why Choose Bull18 Cleaners for Your House Cleaning Needs?

We are simply the best and most practical option to schedule a cleaning if you need house cleaning, apartment cleaning, or cleaners. We are aware that you desire a reasonably priced cleaning with the assurance that it will be comprehensive and expert. You can connect with cleaners who provide just that through Bull18 Cleaners. Additionally, we will assist you in automatically setting up your recurring cleanings so you can concentrate on other aspects of your life.

  • verified and vetted professionals
  • The cleaning happiness guarantee is behind it
  • 24/7 welcoming clientele service
  • upfront and reasonable pricing

Learn why Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane homes seek out Bull18 Cleaners for thorough and reasonable house cleaning services! You may be confident that you are always getting the best pricing and quality at flat-rate, economical costs. There are no slacks or "surprise" fees here! It's time to get rid of the clutter and make your house feel and look brand new. To find out more about how Bull18 Cleaners can look after your home, get in touch with us right away.

reasonable house cleaning services

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click "book now," fill out the necessary information, and you will be on your way to a spotless home in just 60 seconds. On the same business day, we'll respond to confirm the appointment and arrival time. You can also call us for assistance or chat with us online.
Everything is based on the state of your house! But as a starting point, convert the number of bedrooms you have into hours. Example: 3 bedrooms = 3 hours.
Our typical team size is two people, though we occasionally send out more teams as needed. However, when the task is modest (Studio/1-Bedroom/Touch-up jobs), we do send a crew of just one person. You will be informed of this before your cleaning.
General cleaning duties like dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, doing the dishes, and tidying up are all included in house cleaning services. Additionally, if necessary, they will iron your clothes, make the bed, and do the laundry. Our experts will also clean kitchen appliances like stovetops and refrigerators, as well as bathrooms' worktops, bathtubs, and showers. Along with the inside windows, your patio or balcony will also receive complete attention. Additionally, our specialists can assist you with the crucial organization of your kitchen cabinets and closets.
A home cleaning service can be scheduled daily, five times per week, once per week, once every other week, or only when you require it. The frequency you choose will depend on your preferences and needs for your home and family. Because a weekly cleaning service guarantees that the same cleaner will perform the job every time on the same day every week, the majority of our clients opt for it. Except for one-time-only bookings, all plans include the same cleaning.
After the service is finished, you may pay for the house cleaning service either online with a credit card or in cash. If you decide to use your credit card to pay, you won't be charged until the service is finished, and you'll be alerted through email if that happens.
Yes, you have up to 24 hours before the start of the service to change or cancel your reservation without penalty. A late cancellation or modification fee may be applied to any cancellations or modifications that are made less than 24 hours before the reservation.
By offering superior cleaning services, we have been able to win the respect of our valued clientele. We have been moving forward thanks to the positive word-of-mouth advertising we received from happy clients. The unique qualities that set us apart from our competitors are:
  • Having more than 300 professionally qualified staff members, we provide guarantees
  • Reliable services ever since
  • Easy scheduling and rescheduling of cleaning tasks
You can, of course. However, if you need to reschedule the cleaning, please let us know 6–12 hours in advance. It will assist us in reserving the services of our personnel for other projects and planning the activities for the scheduled time.
The majority of the time, we don't ask for upfront payments for any of our single services. You will be given the choice to pay with a card or cash after the service is finished.

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