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Bull 18 Cleaners offers you stress-free end of lease cleaning services

There is no question that tenants will have trouble getting the bond if the property is subpar. Additionally, if the property is not good, the potential tenants may reject it. According to additional studies, many encounter situations like this when their leases expire. According to studies on cleaning disputes, 56 percent of cases include insufficient and poor bond cleaning at lease termination.

Due to their expertise, knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment, practically everyone hires professional cleaners. Being skilled in end of lease cleaning services, we also provide thorough end of lease house cleaning packages based on the needs and cleanliness standards of the client. We have a great success rate in having the bonds back with no cleaning concerns thanks to our elite cleaners.

If you are not happy with the cleaning, you must let us know within 72 hours. Later, at any moment during the day, our cleaners might return to reclean your home. Take before and after images of the area for a better understanding before alleging that the house is not cleaned adequately.
All of your cleaning and sanitation requirements are in one location! We Offer our end of lease cleaning services all across Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Affordable End of Lease Cleaning services at your doorstep

End of Lease Deep Cleaning

End of Lease Deep Cleaning

Bull18 Cleaners is an end of a lease cleaning company that provides deep cleaning to your home, i.e., provides a service that goes above and beyond regular housekeeping. All areas of regular house cleaning are covered in deep cleaning, but they are done thoroughly and hygienically, just as your home requires them occasionally.

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Steam and Vacuum Cleaning of Carpets

Steam and Vacuum Cleaning of Carpets

Because carpets shield us from filth and dust and cover the floors, it is crucial to preserve their quality. The Bull18 Cleaners' thorough cleaning, steaming, and vacuuming process preserves the carpets' freshness without decolonizing them. Professionals give the greatest services with the utmost care and uphold accepted industry standards.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Cleaning

The staff at Bull18 Cleaners is knowledgeable about the best procedures for various tile and grout types, and we deliver a beautiful finish without hassle or mess. View our profile to get a sense of the alterations you can anticipate after hiring us to clean your tiles and grout.

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Processes for End of Lease at Bull18 Cleaners

Only once the tenant has complied with all conditions outlined in the rental agreement will the end of lease bond cleaning money be repaid.

Moving out and breaking your lease can be intimidating and stressful. You can almost always count on reaching a breaking point between signing a tonne of paperwork, moving furniture, packing boxes, and cleaning, no matter how well you believe you have planned for every step. We can help with that. Specifically, when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. You can stop worrying about finding the time to clean your house yourself or wasting time calling around to several cleaning services just to receive an estimate. You can book online with us in under 60 seconds!

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Cleaning At the End of Lease Is Not as Time-Consuming as It Appears

  • All surfaces, baseboards, window sills, picture frames, and another decor should be dusted.
  • Clear the space, fold the blankets, arrange the pillows, etc.
  • Clean floors by vacuuming, mopping, or hand.
  • Clean baseboards and cabinet exteriors.
  • Sanitize ceiling fans

The end of lease cleaning services offered by Bull18 Cleaners in Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne are of the highest caliber. To provide you with a customised cleaning service that seeks to satisfy your expectations and ensure your property managers return you 100% of your bond, our crew is carefully verified. However, the end of lease cleaning price is very economical, which means that any person can easily afford the services.

Swift response times and excellent service! Call Bull18 Cleaners right now!

Bull18 Cleaners enjoy assisting clients with their cleaning needs. We recognise that you can't always clean by yourself or rely on your children to attempt to clean the entire house and end up using the wrong cleaning agents; in those situations, you can rely on end of the lease cleaning company, which is Bull18 Cleaners, because we are available to assist you and enjoy cleaning. Our end of lease cleaning services have been approved by our real estate partners.

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Give Bull18 Cleaners a call right away to receive some of the best end of lease cleaning services available in Australia.

In Australia, there is fierce competition for houses, apartments, and commercial buildings. Many would-be landlords and real estate agents won't even consider an applicant if they can't supply glowing testimonials from prior tenants' landlords or agents. When the rental property is vacated, tenants are required to undertake a thorough end of lease cleaning in Australia ; if this is not done, the landlord or agency may decline to give a positive reference or may withdraw the security deposit.

The amount of time it takes to completely clean an apartment or house often surprises tenants, and if the cleaning is not done correctly, the tenant risks forfeiting the security deposit and getting a bad reference. Many landlords and real estate brokers have started mandating that renters hire a professional cleaner before they can get their deposits returned. The end of lease cleaning price is so reasonable at Bull18 Cleaners that anyone can easily afford them without having any second thought.

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Why choose Bull18 Cleaners for End of lease Cleaning Services?

Avail end of lease cleaning solutions:

  • Competent Cleaners
  • Green Cleaning Supplies
  • Modern cleaning regulations
  • Complete quotation
  • Advanced technology for cleaning
  • Consumer contentment
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Move in Move out Cleaners in Australia with low prices and 24 hour support

Our expert moving out or end of lease cleaning is flexible and personalised to meet the needs of each unique client, simplifying the transfer procedure. We can clean the entire house or just a few specific rooms, as needed. Bull18 Cleaners is an end of a lease cleaning company that has a wealth of experience and knows just what materials, equipment, and techniques can bring your property back to its previous splendor. Compared to doing the cleaning at the end of lease yourself, they become a great deal speedier and more effective. We offer professional end of lease cleaning services all across Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne at competetive prices.

End of Lease Cleaning Offers Peace of Mind For Tenants And Owners. Bull18 Cleaners is the obvious choice for so many individuals in Australia thanks to their 24x7 support and trained cleaning staff.

Trust Only The Best Cleaners for Spotless Cleaning

Unless the property was damaged during your rental, end of year lease cleaning can make sure that your deposit is refunded. No matter how big or little the end of tenancy cleaning needs are, we can assist tenants and property owners. The high quality cleaning services that we offer will impress potential tenants and make it much simpler to rent out the house. We have a lot of expertise with end of tenancy cleaning and are completely aware of the criteria that landlords and brokers use when inspecting a rental property at the end of a lease.

You can trust that your deposit will be returned because our cleaning services are backed by a guarantee. We offer reliable end of lease cleaning services all across Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne at affordable prices. We perform cleaning services for residences, hotels, clubs, offices, factories, and other commercial buildings.

“We believe in customer satisfaction and adopting safe and sustainable cleaning methods”

At Bull18 Cleaners, we use eco-friendly materials and soft chemicals to clean your house. As end-of-leasing cleaners, we deal with a lot of pesky and stubborn tiles and corners. We have the accurate means to tackle such issues without breaking any environmental protocols.

“Our supreme quality can help get your bond money back as quickly as possible. Call 1300 BULL18"

Locations We Serve


End of lease cleaning Melbourne

Bull18 Cleaners offers you a specialised end of lease cleaning Melbourne that will transform your house into a showpiece. When you move out, we'll leave the place so spotless that your landlord rarely notices any dust or filth.

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End of lease cleaning Brisbane

We estimate the end of lease cleaning Brisbane costs to be the lowest. Your wallet won't be burdened by the cost of the complete cleaning, which will eventually make your home neat.

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End of lease cleaning Adelaide

Our cleaners that provide end of lease cleaning in Adelaide are quite skilled at differentiating your property from others. You will be astounded by the quality of the cleaning due to the cleaners' exceptional proficiency.

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End of lease cleaning Perth

For a variety of reasons, people keep relocating from Perth to other big cities, which frequently results in the need for end of lease cleaning in Perth. Every time someone needs cleaning done right away; we are here to help.

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End of lease cleaning Canberra

Our end of lease cleaning Canberra is there to relieve any worry you may have when it comes to cleaning during a move. The entire cleaning process is carried out in a way that will calm you down and allow you to concentrate on the moving parts.

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End of lease cleaning Sydney

Our end of lease cleaning Sydney is an expert at winning back security deposits from landlords or property owners. No such opportunities will exist due to our great quality, endangering your deposit.

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Our Blogs

Bull18 Cleaners offers more than what is initially apparent, including additional end of lease cleaning options.


Vacate Cleaning

For vacate cleaning, we offer qualified, friendly, and professionally trained cleaners. These cleaning professionals will do all the necessary cleaning tasks to leave the house immaculate and ready to be exhibited or occupied right away. It is crucial that the property is in good shape and is as clean as possible, regardless of whether you are the property owner or the tenant leaving the premises. Regardless of how big or small the project may be, we can manage it.

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Office Cleaning

We can handle any type of office cleaning requirement. Any office size or complexity, from a tiny business office with a few cubicles to a sizable call centre with a sizable staff to the corporate headquarters with multiple levels of offices, we can arrange for daily office cleaning. We may offer window cleaning, periodic cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, and even discounted prices for cleaning consumables and supplies.

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House Cleaning

On request, we may also offer a vast array of other services. In addition to cleaning carpets, curtains, and upholstery, end of lease bond cleaning, and even pressure cleaning the exterior of your home, we specialise in a wide range of cleaning and repair tasks that other home cleaning businesses don't do. We can also clean the interior and outside of your windows so you have the best possible view of your house.

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Learn More About Our Best Vacate Cleaning Services in Australia

Anywhere in Australia, we dispatch teams that are well stocked. Our fully experienced cleaners will thoroughly clean and prepare your rental home for a move-out inspection.

Our operatives' most important traits are:

  • They are educated and authorized
  • A background investigation and in-person interview
  • Trained to operate machinery driven by industry
  • Friendly, on time, and available at all times
  • Have a personal point of contact at all times
  • Customized service that meets your needs
  • Cleaning restrooms, sinks, urinals, and toilets
  • Removal and disposal of the site's trash
  • Washing the carpet (dry method, extraction, steam, and bonnet)
  • Window washing
  • Dedication to implementing eco-friendly cleaning techniques.

You can also fully benefit from our end of lease cleaning cost in Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne if you're a real estate agent, leasing agent, vacation rental company, or a homeowner whenever you're seeking to buy or sell a house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a tenant, you are expected to leave the rented property in immaculate condition when it comes to end-of-lease cleaning. You will risk the security deposit if you’re able to do the cleaning properly. The professional cleaners are providing outstanding end-of-lease cleaning services in Australia and the nearby regions for several years. Their expert end-of-lease cleaners will handle all of your cleaning needs and make sure that you receive your bond back.
We all know that cleaning at the time of a move-out is not the same as daily cleaning. When it comes to end-of-tenancy sweeping, there is a time limit that must be adhered to. Exit cleaning typically takes 3 to 7 hours. However, the length of time it takes to clean property is determined by its size and how dirty it is. Since the refund of the bond is contingent on the cleaning, cleaners often take additional time to provide a comprehensive professional cleaning.
Yes, the professionals often guarantee to provide you top-notch exit cleaning services to help you get back your bond money. If thereís any problem due to cleaning, the experts are there to solve it or they even offer re-cleaning without any cost. However, they may not guarantee it if you have damaged things on a property.
Yes, end of lease cleaning professionals take care of everything – from thorough property cleaning to proper appliance cleaning. Be it appliances in the kitchen or bathroom, cleaning them is part of their service. However, you must consult with your professional cleaners about all the services they include at the end of lease cleaning service.
A confirmation email is sent to the client within a few seconds as soon as they book a cleaning service. This email includes all the necessary information about the service along with all the necessary details that are required to get started. If you request a call back, the companyís customer care depart may even offer 24/7 service to give you a call within less than an hour or so.
You may be required to pay around 50% of the deposit money to the cleaning company and that amount is not refundable unless you cancel the service within 24 hours of booking.
Yes, customers may be required to pay a company around 50-percent of the complete payment, if a customer wants to cancel the services after 24 hours of booking. If a customer asks the cleaners to leave, thereís no one at the property, or some other issue occurs like power or water supply, etc., he/she has to pay the whole payment. However, if a customer informs the company within 24 hours, thereís wonít be a cancellation fee.
The end of lease cleaners offers an extensive range of services, including commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, domestic cleaning, labor-hire, pest control, and many more. It is best to consult a cleaning company yourself regarding all services they offer to the customers.
If anything is damaged at the time of the end of lease cleaning, the professional cleaners are fully insured to pay for the damage. They may even provide repair if needed and there will be no cost of repair or damage caused by them.
No, you don’t need to be present at the time of the end of lease cleaning. You can hand over the keys and make the payment to the cleaners before leaving; the rest of everything will be taken care of by the experts.

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