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Best Carpet Cleaners in Australia

As aforementioned, we have our bases set in all the major cities of Australia. We have the latest equipment and techniques up our sleeve. Our carpet cleaners use wet extractors, solvent extractors, rotary carpet cleaning machines, wet shampoo machines, and more. Apart from this, we even use treatment methods that are done by hand. At the end of the day, you have a clean and dirt-free carpet.

Carpet floorings are also something that we can easily clean. We bring the heavy equipment over to your house and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Reliability and affordability are two of our strengths. You can avail our services at the best prices in the country. We ensure that our treatment methods do not damage the rugs/carpets. This is made possible by using good quality cleaning supplies and getting the job done by trained professionals only.

Best Carpet Cleaners In Australia

Top Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Offered by Bull18 Cleaners

House Vacuum Cleaning

House Vacuum Cleaning

Hire us for one of the best house vacuum cleaning services in Australia. We, at Bull18 Cleaners, use the most robust and durable vacuum cleaners to clean your floors. We use cleaning solutions that do not damage the flooring and leave it shiny and spotless.

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Window Steam Cleaning

Window Steam Cleaning

Steam treatments for windows are a great way to maintain the aesthetics of your house. It gives off a good impression in front of guests. It also keeps the windows free from bacteria and germs. Bull18’s window steam cleaning will keep your glasses shining for a long time.

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Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens tend to get dirty the most. Greasy corners and stained tiles are the bane of any house. Well, you can relax and let us do the ‘dirty’ work. However, this ‘dirty’ work will turn your kitchen into one of the cleanest places in your house.

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Eco Friendly Carpet Steam Cleaning Service in Australia

What really sets us apart from the rest of the steam carpet cleaners is our love for environment-friendly products. Here, we exclusively use eco-friendly cleaning supplies that may sound expensive but can end up saving your carpets. You see, carpet cleaners need to be mild and non-corrosive. Most of the products in the market are full of harmful and hazardous chemicals. Our carpet shampooers and carpet cleaners are free from these toxic chemicals. It gives your carpets a longer lifespan as well keeping them spotless and healthy for as long as you can imagine. The price range for these eco-friendly carpet cleaning services are also competitive and adhere to industry price points.


Types of Cleaning Services That You Get in the Carpet Steam Cleaning

To understand our carpet cleaning services better, let us browse through them one by one. Our experts ensure that your carpets get the statement that is most appropriate and reasonable. Your carpets’ condition as well your budget can play a role in deciding what carpet cleaning services we use or suggest.

Dry Vacuuming: As the name suggests, the easiest to clean carpets are usually treated with a simple vacuum clean. However, our vacuum cleaners are more powerful than the cleaners you generally use at home. Also, our cleaning staff is trained to use these heavy vacuum cleaners and know exactly how to make the most out of them.

Hot Water Extraction: Here, we use hot water to force our dust and dirt particles suspended deep into the layers of the carpet. This carpet cleaning service requires a trained hand as well. This is because the angle and the force used has to be moderate otherwise it will destroy the delicate fibres in your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Using Absorbents: This technique employs absorbent powders to suck the stains and odours out of the carpet. This is usually one of the first steps before the carpet is cleaned with ‘wet’ treatments.

Shampooing: As the name suggests, carpet shampooers use the aforementioned to thoroughly clean the surface of the carpet. The shampoo works its way into the layers and cleans out any dirt, dust, or stains on its way. The carpet is then washed multiple times to wash away any excess shampoo stuck beneath the surface.

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Importance of Carpet Steam Cleaning in Commercial Places

Commercial spaces like shops, offices, and warehouses are used much more often than a normal household. The footfall is naturally greater in these places. If the commercial spot is floored with carpets or has carpets or rugs in general, it becomes an absolute necessity to get them cleaned professionally.

Steam treatment for commercial carpets is important simply because of this reason alone. The usage factor plays a crucial role. Carpets tend to get dirty much more easily and quickly in commercial places. Also, it is more likely for the carpets to get stained in such places. An occasional steam carpet cleaning is paramount to keep the floors spotless and free from germs and dirt.

Carpet steam cleaning should be done at least once a year in these commercial places. Shops and offices must send their carpets to a carpet cleaning company from time to time. The ideal time is during the off-season when the footfall is comparatively less.

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Locations We Serve


Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Our carpet cleaning services are easily accessible in all areas of Brisbane and its suburbs. We have a large team of trained and skilled cleaners in Brisbane that can cater to cleaning projects of any volume, be it residential or commercial.

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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

We started our operations from Melbourne. It is only natural that you have access to the best carpet cleaning services here in Melbourne. We absolutely love this city and love working with our returning customers here again and again.

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Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Bull18’s Adelaide carpet cleaning services are amongst our very best. Because of our robust infrastructure and our professional cleaning staff, you can get your houses cleaned efficiently and quickly. Hire us in Adelaide now and give us the chance to serve you with the very best.

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Carpet Cleaning Perth

Our Perth branch can help you with carpet cleaning anywhere in West Australia. Because of our wide network and our dedicated workers, we can clean and deliver your carpets within a few business days. Reach out to our Perth carpet cleaners now!

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Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Bull18 Cleaners is highly sought after in Sydney and its outskirts. Due to its commercial nature, there is a lot of demand for carpet cleaning in Sydney – and we are up to the challenge. Avail some of the best steam carpet cleaning services in Sydney at affordable prices.

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Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Our customers in Canberra simply adore our dedication and professionalism when it comes to top notch carpet cleaning. Our prices are competitive and will fit easily with your budget. Call our Canberra team and get your carpets spotless and shining again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carpets should be cleaned by professionals at least twice a year. Professional carpet cleaning services eliminate allergen-causing pollutants and dust mites that have been trapped in the fibers of the carpet.
It often takes between 1 to 4 hours. The drying time is dependent on many variables, including the carpet's density, humidity, and room temperature. Keep all windows open for a few hours to accelerate the drying process.
Professional carpet cleaners have access to the latest and most effective cleaning materials and solutions on the market and are trained to use these products and solutions responsibly. The cleaning chemicals used in homes are entirely safe for both children and dogs, when completely dry. But it is usually a good idea to keep them away from the area while the cleaning is being done.
You can walk within one hour, however, it is always best to wait for it to dry completely, if possible.

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Experts in Stubborn Stains Removing

Our cleaning techniques and products ensure that you get the best carpet cleaning solutions. We treat your carpets and rugs based on their types and make sure that they remain healthy and spotless for long. We especially excel at stain removal solutions that are pesky and hard to treat.

Firstly, we categorise the kind of carpet as well as the kind of stain that we are dealing with. We also take into consideration the age of the carpet. This allows us to select the right cleaning supplies to use on the carpet. Stain removers can go horribly wrong and leave the carpet in a worse condition that it was before. It is, therefore, important to let the experts deal with food stains, pet urine stains, bad odour, and similar issues. At Bull18 Cleaners, we know exactly what kind of carpet steam cleaning solutions are required to solve your problems.

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Reliable And Skilled Carpet Cleaners At Bull18 Cleaners

Reliability is definitely one of our biggest strengths. As an experienced carpet steam cleaning company, we are well aware of the problems that customers generally deal with. We have crafted efficient solutions to these issues and follow a systematic approach to all your carpet cleaning woes.

We have extensive experience in stain treatment, carpet vacuum cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, and more. Apart from these, we also excel at house and office cleaning in general. Our understanding of the industry owing to several years of service has allowed us to come up with a solution for every carpet-related issue. Our offerings will give your carpet a fresh look and a longer lifespan.

Hire Bull18 professional carpet cleaners anywhere in Australia. Even after the job is done, our after-sales support team is there to help you with any queries or complaints.

Why Consider Us

Choosing Bull18 Cleaners as your exclusive steam cleaning partner is definitely a step in the right direction. Here’s why:

  • Experience: We have a rather impressive portfolio built over several years of service. Along this timeline, we have taken the effort and the time to understand the industry and to refine our services.
  • Pricing: Bull18 Cleaners offers pricing that is not easy to compete with. We know the areas where we can cut costs. Also, we have multiple vendors for cleaning supplies and other resources. Even with the dynamic nature of the cleaning industry, we have relatively offered the best prices over the years.
  • Customer Support: Our team of support executives are trained to help you with any doubts or queries along the process. They are easily accessible and always ready to assist.
  • Professional:Bull18 Cleaners’ ground staff is a pleasure to work with. We only hire the best and the most professional employees which ensures that our quality of service remains unsurpassable.

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Other Services Offered By Bull18 Cleaners


Move In/Out Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning expertise can be employed to the best use when you are moving out or moving in a rental property. We will ensure that your carpets and rugs are in the best condition possible. Hire Bull18 Cleaners for a smooth transition into your new house.

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End Of Lease Cleaning

Bull18 Cleaners’ carpet steam cleaning solutions are wonderful for an end of lease cleaning. YOu can get your security deposit back quickly and keep your house owner satisfied with the results. We have arrangements for all kinds of carpet and house cleaning services.

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Window Cleaning

Apart from an excellent carpet cleaning service, we excel at glass and window cleaning jobs as well. Again, we use eco-friendly glass cleaners that will keep your windows and other transparent surfaces shiny and looking absolutely spectacular!

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Get Professional Vacuum and Steam Cleaning Service at Affordable Price

If you are looking for an affordable and cheap vacuum and steam carpet cleaning service near you, Bull18 Cleaners is definitely the right choice. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results. Our professional approach and our efficient methodology allows us to quickly clean your house and your carpets. As aforementioned, we have the best and the latest techniques and equipment to help us out!

You can place your trust in our premium services and sit back and relax. Our estimates come with no additional charges and are transparent and honest. Request one now to understand our pricing plans and how we break down our carpet cleaning services.

Owing to our vast experience in the field of carpet cleaning, we know how and where we can help you cut costs. We have arrangements for movers as well – in case you want to get your end of lease cleaning done efficiently. Our customer support team is easily accessible and always ready to help you, even with the smallest doubts and questions. They are trained and agreeable. Our esteemed customers all over Australia simply love working with us! Simply give us a call and we will be there!

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