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House Bond Back Cleaners in Melbourne, Australia;

Bull18 Cleaners have years of experience as professional bond back cleaners in Melbourne. Now expanding to more cities such as Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and Brisbane, the bond back cleaners have a professional staff and the right techniques to ensure a high quality of service. Bull18 Cleaners have edged its competition and has risen to the cleaning industry’s summit.The company uses the latest gear and technology to maximize its productivity and efficiency.

Bull18 Cleaners, professional bond back house cleaners have been helping people with housemaid services, deep vacuum cleaning, garage cleaning, car detailing, and much more.

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The Best Bond Back Cleaning Services Offered by Bull18 Cleaners


Deep House Bond Back Cleaning

Bond back cleaning is a niche domain wherein experience and expertise matter a lot. Bull18 Cleaners execute thorough cleaning of your house at the best prices available. With the right techniques and equipment, you can sit back and relax while Bull18 Cleaners deep clean your house after you move out.

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Vacuum and Steam Cleaning of Rugs

Carpeted floors or rugs in general carry a lot of dust and bacteria if left ignored. An occasional cleaning is necessary. If you are vacating the premises and want to leave behind a clean and perfumy floor, contact Bull18 for some of the best vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning services available in Australia.

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Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Bathrooms and kitchens face the grunt of the environment the most. With food stains on countertops to clogged bathroom drains, leaving behind a dirty house is a bane for any tenant. Bull18 Cleaners offer tenants amazing bond back cleaning solutions at the optimum prices and the best quality of service.

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Explaining Bond Back Cleaning

When you move into a rented space, a security amount is given to the landowner which is returned at the end-of-lease. There is a catch though

The security amount is released only if certain conditions are met. One of these conditions is that the rented property should be clean and maintained. Of course, after years of usage, things get damaged or dirty. You can replace the damaged items if required but cleaning everything from A to Z is a burdensome task. Bull18 Cleaners can help you here. With all the right gear and a professional team, the cleaners will do everything to help you get your bond money back.


Looking For a One-Stop Solution for Bond Back Cleaning? Search no More!

  • Floor sweeping and mopping
  • Housemaid and janitorial services
  • Dusting and vacuum cleaning of furniture
  • Vacuum cleaning, garage cleaning, and more
  • Tile and grout cleaning services

Bull18 Cleaners services are a notch above the others and they are distinguished by the exceptional services that leave no room for complaints. They understand and know that your bond depends on how perfectly you hand over the keys to its owner. Thus, we guarantee that you get the best deal! Bull18 Cleaners’ services are supreme.

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Bull18 Cleaners’ Bond Back cleaning services can be described in one word: Exclusive. The company maintains a certain standard of quality which they do not compromise with at all costs. You will get your bond back quickly. As far as other services are concerned, you can also hire housemaids on an hourly basis or on a long-term plan.

Bull18 Cleaners are expert vacate/bond back cleaners in Melbourne. As a national chain of cleaners now, the company has built a solid foundation to caray on its work forward.


Here’s How You Can Contact Bull18 Cleaners; Bond Back Cleaning Services in Australia

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on the bond back experts, search no more! Simply fill out the form and the company will get back to you as soon as possible. A quick response time is one of the forte’s of the house and office cleaners. You can also request a free estimate at any time.

Bull18 Cleaners quotations are honest and transparent. You don’t need to worry about any hidden charges or duties. In case you have any queries, the support line is always open for you. If you have already worked with Bull18 Cleaners and have some questions, the after-sales support team is friendly and agreeable.

Bull18 Cleaners are one of the leading bond back cleaning companies in Melbourne and its mission is to restore your bonds quickly through its superior cleaning services. Bull18 Cleaners take care of everything; carpet cleaning to floor cleaning and degreasing from the range hood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a tenant vacates a rental house, he will be responsible for detailed and in-depth cleaning. The purpose of bond back cleaning is to give back the property in the original form in which you had taken first from the owner. As a result, it will be recognizable to the next occupant and also helpful to get back your bond money. If the cleaning work is not of good quality or any item is damage, the owner or landlord might deduct your bond money that you deposited at the time of moving in.
A tenant’s deposit could be forfeited if the property is not left properly clean and in a presentable state. The landlord and property manager have the right to retain the tenantís money under the name of cleaning cost. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional bond back cleaner for proper cleaning services.
It depends on the cleaning company. Usually, professional bond back cleaners offer bond back guarantees for their bond back cleaning services. However, some companies may not offer this facility. Therefore, it is essential to always consult a cleaning service provider about a bond back guarantee before hiring them.
You must be aware that that cleaning on the day of a move-out is not the same as daily cleaning. When it comes to end-of-tenancy or bond back cleaning, there is a time limit that must be adhered to. Exit cleaning usually takes 3 to 7 hours. However, the length of time it takes to clean property is determined by its size and how dirty it is. Since the return of the bond is dependent on the cleaning, experts often take extra time to provide a comprehensive professional cleaning.
The professional bond back cleaners are quite flexible with their services and can even do a cleaning job on very short notice. They are typically on the board at their office space from morning till evening. They are even available for cleaning on weekends and even during holidays without additional charges.
No, there are no hidden costs associated with bond back cleaning services. But in case of no parking space in your building, you might need to pay the cleaners for parking their vehicle.
Yes, the experts take care of all sorts of cleaning, including oven cleaning. The cleaning of kitchen appliances is an essential part of the bond back cleaning. They do everything thatís mentioned within the bond back cleaning checklist created by their client.
Some bond back cleaning companies may ask you to pay 50-percent of the deposit amount and thatís no refundable unless you cancel the booking within 24 hours. However, it is best to consult a cleaning company itself about any money deposits.
Yes, when the money is deposited by a client, 50-percent of the total payment after 24 hours of booking the service. If the customer is not available at the property, asks the cleaners to leave, or cancels the service due to any other reason, they may even require to pay the complete payment amount for cancellation. However, if customers inform a company before 24 hours then thereís no cancellation fee.
Typically, a team of 3 to 4 cleaners may arrive at your property for standard cleaning work. However, if the property size is bigger and needs more attention, then they might ask more cleaners to clean the property. The number of cleaners coming to clean your property will be mentioned in a customized offer.

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Why Choose Bond Back Cleaning Services by Bull18 Cleaners

Enjoy convenient Bond Back cleaning solutions

  • High-Quality Cleaning
  • Efficient Service
  • Upfront Quote
  • Hassle-Free Procedure
  • Diligent Support
  • Green Cleaning

High-Quality Bond Back Cleaners in Australia. 24x7 Support and Low Prices

Bull18 Cleaners meticulously plan and professionally execute every job with the aim to restore the beauty of the rental property. They take pride in our methodical cleaning for different parts of the property. With all safety precautions and using effective cleaning solutions, the team ensures you get outstanding results while restoring the property value.

Bond back cleaning services by Bull18 has a proven track record of many successful jobs done and the cleaners are fully aware of the expectations of the inspection agents. What you will get — instant approval from the property owners or real estate agents with a promised bond deposit returned to you without any second thought.

Bond Back cleaning solutions by Australia’s number one; Bull18 Cleaners

What Bond Back Cleaning Experts Have to Say; Bull18 Cleaners’ Efficient Team

Whatever your vacate cleaning needs are, we are ready to help you. We believe in a professional and an ethical approach to aiding clients get their bond back. We use eco-friendly products and have licenses to handle heavy equipment if required

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Bull18 Cleaners have one of the best workforce in Melbourne

At Bull18 Cleaners, we are a one-stop solution for all your end-of-lease cleaning requirements. We are dedicated to helping you with the best cleaning services out there. Our estimates are accurate and transparent. We also have a friendly support staff ready to help you at all times.

We would love to help you get your bond back quickly.
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More Bond Back Cleaning Services by Bull18 Cleaners


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Bond Back cleaning experts, Bull18 Cleaners have heavy steam cleaning equipment that will reverse your carpets back by a few years! Enjoy a revamped look to your living room with perfumy and squeaky clean carpets! Bond back cleaning for carpets and rugs are offered at amazingly low prices.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Curtains get the most dust from outside and need a regular washing. Using only the best and the safest detergents and cleaning gear, Bull Cleaners ensure that your curtains, pillowcases, and bedsheets last longer and stay cleaner. Avail the best bond back upholstery cleaning services offered by Bull18.

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Garage Cleaning

Garages with oil stains and dirty tiles and floors can be troublesome for any person especially if you are vacating the premises and want your bond back quickly. Heavy cleaning gear is both expensive and a one time investment is not advisable. Let Bull18 Cleaners handle the burden and clean your garage!

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Bull18 Cleaners’ Bond Back Cleaning Services

In a nutshell, Bull18 Cleaners are an exclusive cleaning service provider operating from Melbourne with its reach in other Australian cities. Some of the premium services include housemaid services, deep house cleaning, carpet steam cleaning.
  • Carried out by experienced and qualified experts.
  • Each person is interviewed in detail, and adequate background checks are performed.
  • They are specially trained to work with advanced equipment.
  • Friendly in dealings, and professional in appointments and meeting deadlines.

For any information or to use Bull18 Cleaners’ specialized Cleaning Services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth, simply call 1300 BULL18.

Expert bond back cleaners, Bull18 Cleaners are dedicated to helping you get your security deposit back. The company offers customizable cleaning packages at budget-friendly rates.

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