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Tips For Rug Cleaning and Carpets

Rugs and carpets form an integral part of the home and office decor. While the furnishing of the reception and lounge areas of the offices is incomplete without carpets, they add to the glamour quotient when used in conference rooms, banquets halls and hotels. Besides making the interiors beautiful and classy, they also make them cozy and warm, enabling us to withstand the harsh winter chill.
But as they absorb and take in the dust and germs from the footfall, they are the dirtiest pieces in the four walls. And unfortunately given their costs, it’s not easy and advisable to change them every now and then. So, how exactly can one maintain their look and hygiene? Without doubt a professional cleaning company in Melbourne will have answers to all such problems. Bull18 Cleaners is a trusted and reputed name in the industry.

Here are ways in which we can help you maintain your carpets and rugs:

  • Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming of the carpets is very important. In fact, if the carpets are placed at the entry doors and witness a huge footfall, they should be vacuumed daily. We vacuum both sides to ensure that no traits of dust and grit remain.
  • Shaking and Dusting: At times it’s not feasible to vacuum small area rugs. In such cases shaking and dusting them vigorously helps remove the dust trapped in its weaves.
  • Brushing: Brushing is the best way to remove pet hair. It is often used in conjunction with vacuuming for best results.
  • Washing: Depending upon the material of the carpet or rug, the pieces may be washed or shampooed. Specialized cleaning materials or detergents are also used to remove stains. However, it is advisable not to rub silk carpets. The stains ideally should be blotted out.
  • Dry Cleaning: Delicate and intricate carpets that cannot be washed need to be dry cleaned to remove germs and stains. We use hi-end dry cleaning equipment for the same and ensure a new-like hygienic feel every time.

Professional carpet cleaning services go a long way in maintaining the look and cleanliness factor of the carpets and rugs. At Bull18 Cleaners, we understand the same and proclaim to be the best carpet cleaners in Perth. We are equipped with the latest machines for carpet cleaning and use safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents for best results. Call 1300 285 518 to get in touch with us for affordable office cleaning deals.

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