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Simple Tips to Upkeep Your Carpets

Tips-to-Upkeep-Your-CarpetsHolidays are all about full and frolic. Beaming activity, catching up with friends, family visits, lights, decorations, and lots of food; there is so much to look forward to. But all this hustle and bustle is often tarnished by unavoidable messes and subsequent cleaning.
The fun and excitement vanes when stubborn stains, discolored upholstery and endless cleaning chores is all that is to be taken care of at the end of season.

But taking simple steps beforehand can help you safeguard your carpet:

Place washable and simple area rugs in high footfall zone, such as main entrance, outside toilets and kitchen, etc. These small, removable and easy to handle rugs can be dusted and cleansed every day. You can have more of such pieces to be used in rotation.

Make sure you ask your guests to remove their shoes at the entrance gate. If walking barefooted is not an acceptable idea, keep a few pairs of absolutely clean shoes or slippers handy for the guests.

In case of spill, blot it immediately with cotton towel. Do not scrub as scrubbing only grinds a stain into the carpet.

As soon as you are over with the get-together, make sure you vacuum your carpet. This will remove food crumbs and avoid them from entering into carpet beds.

While there are numerous Dos and Don’ts that you have to follow when taking care of your carpet, upholstery and curtains, knowing their special cleaning requirements is the most important one. In the event you are unsure about its maintenance and upkeep list, contacting professional house cleaners in Perth is the best way forward. Professional cleaners in Perth are not just specialist house cleaners, but also offer top-notch services for carpet cleaning in Perth.

At Bull18 Cleaners, we are your perfect partners for all your cleaning needs. Equipped with the finest tools and armed with the best men, we help keep your pricey carpets, upholstery and curtains like new. We are committed towards providing best-in-class cleaning services at the most affordable rates. For more information about our house cleaning and carpet cleaning services across Perth just dial 1300 285 518.

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