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How to Reduce Stress And Ensure the End of Lease Cleaning Process is Successful

Whether you’re going to another country or just another city, there’s a lot to be done before you go. As a tenant, you are responsible for cleaning the rental property before returning the keys to the owner at the end of the lease. You need a lot of time and management skills to organize the end of lease cleaning process.

Many people now rent a property for a certain duration of life. The only thing that troubles people is the end of lease cleaning when they have to move from rented property. Before leaving, cleaning will be required in every corner of the rented property including kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, lawn, etc. Cleaning should be performed as per the end of lease cleaning checklist. As a result, the property manager can give someone else a place to visit and move in.

In other words, to rent a house then he/she has to make a contract with the landlord by depositing a certain amount of money as a bond. This contract says that the house should be returned in the same condition as given. Each and every property manager has his or her checklist, and the tenants are expected to follow the same. End of lease cleaning is important for both tenants and landlords.

end of lease cleaning

After completion of the end of lease cleanings, the landlord will conduct a final inspection of the property. If the property fails to meet the standards you will not be able to get your security deposit back. These are some of the losses for which you are responsible:

  1. Stains, holes, and burn marks on the carpet;
  2. Scratches and stains on floors;
  3. Scratches, stains, holes, and cuts on the countertop;
  4. Stains, scratches, and holes on the walls;
  5. Stains, scratches, or holes in the furniture;
  6. Any other kind of damages resulting from the tenants or their guests.

But you will not be responsible for any damage caused by natural events such as storms, floods, or damage that occurs over time such as fading and wearing of paint, tiles, floors, wallpaper, furniture, or carpets.
If you want to secure the full amount of your bond, you have to make some serious effort:

1. You can hire a trustworthy cleaning company to clean your dirty premises. Professional cleaners use high technology tools to ensure that your security deposit is fully reimbursed without dispute.

2. If your budget is small, you can also manage your end of lease cleaning task.

Here’s the complete end of lease cleaning tips to reduce stress and make it easier to clean the home properly:

1. First, do all your packaging:

So many people make the mistake to clean the house before they’ve got all packed up. Don’t try cleaning until you’ve finished packing your stuff, because after you’ve finished packing, you’ll have to clean the house again. Most importantly, you will have a lot more space to clean effectively without bending, so that you can clean the entire floor or house. Home cleaning is exhausting enough, that’s why you need to make it as easy on yourself as possible.

2. Move packed boxes to one room:

Trying to clean around packed boxes like trying to drive a car with handbrake, you are still making progress, but at a much slower pace. Gather your all packed boxes and put them in one corner or a separate room if you can’t move them to your new place. It makes easier to clean the house without bumping any of your packaging stuff. Once you’ve fully moved out of the house, you can clean the room in which you’ve placed your packed boxes and, if necessary, go around the rest of the room.

3. Clean house from top to bottom:

Starting from the top of the lease cleaning process is always a good idea. This zone covers all the high points that your home often overlooks, such as ceiling walls, fans, air winds, luminous fittings, high windows, ledges, etc. You can easily clean all these by standing up on the ladder, or just put a stick over the mop.

clean house top bottom

Before beginning the floor cleaning, make sure you remove cobwebs, dust, and dirt from the ceiling. Curtains must also be checked. Usually, they just dry clean but check the label first because some curtains are machine washable. Don’t forget the curtain rods, which need to be dusted and buffed. If any stains need to be washed, take the damp cloth and remove the stains carefully so that the paint or wall is not damaged during the washing process.

4. Carpet and Rugs Vacuuming:

Since most of the dirt is collected in the carpet and rugs, make sure you vacuum it properly before you leave the property. Most of the tenants give up the deep cleaning of the carpet and then lose their security deposit at the time of inspection. To ensure safety, carpets and rugs must be properly vacuumed using an appropriate vacuum tool to collect dry debris and hidden dust.

5. Door frames and windows cleaning:

Sometimes this move is forgotten or overlooked by some people, but it makes a huge difference in overall aesthetic and appearance. Clean window frames and glass dust panes with a quick scrub.

door frames windows cleaning

Use a window cleaner to remove stains or traces from the glass and to brighten the frames with a damp cloth. Do the same thing for your doors and door frames around the house to clean the place thoroughly.

6. Scrub kitchen counters and cupboards:

At the end of lease cleaning process, the kitchen is one of the most important areas for cleaning, but also one of the places where dirt and grain can most easily accumulate. A deep cleaning may be necessary depending on the condition of the counters and cabinets. You will need some basic tools such as scratch-free screws, a spray bottle, and a liquid cleaner. After all, the kitchen is a place that is meant to be clean and sanitary.

7. Sweep/Vacuum the complete House:

It’s better to sweep or vacuum the entire house first rather than cleaning and mopping one room every time. Dirt and dust from other rooms can easily be transferred to a pre-cleaned room. This is not only frustrating, but it also prolongs the process. Sweep through each room and then mop the floors. Professional house cleaners always do sweeping and vacuuming in the last.

8. Clean the bathroom in the last:

The Bathrooms are absolute the last place to clean at the end of lease cleaning process. Since you (and other families) can enter and use the bathrooms during the entire cleaning process, it is advisable to clean it in the last.

clean bathroom

Of course, after using so many times bathroom will be quite filthy, so we will deep clean to get those surfaces spotless and gleaming again. The bathroom is often the hardest place to clean as well, as it involves disgusting tiles, and it’s hard to get to places and deal with the dreaded toilet.

9. Repair or clean light fixtures and fittings:

During the end of the lease cleaning process, areas that are commonly missed are the fixtures and fittings of light switches, ceiling fans, and light bulbs. The property owner pays close attention to these materials, so make sure all should be working in good condition and use the right product to polish taps and door handles.

10. Don’t forget to clean from outside:

If your property has a yard or an outdoor area, make sure you cut the weeds, plant and mow the lawn before returning the keys to the landlord. Check if any hidden garbage in the backyard left, look out for cigarette butts and bottle tops scattered around the garden. Scrub your driveway and take particular care of any oil spill or pneumatic markings of your car. The first impression always counts, so if your property looks dirty from outside, then the internal condition of the house will already be in doubt.

11. Save yourself from stress and hire end of lease cleaning company:

The entire preparation and packing process is a very busy task for you. Proper house cleaning will become the least priority for you. Hire Bull18 Cleaners, the best end of lease cleaning company that performs all the cleaning process for you if you move from your rental home. They are highly trained and they know how to clean every area of the house so that you can get your deposit from your landlord or property owner.

Bull18 Cleaners offer the best customer relationship at the end of lease cleaning to make customers comfortable and happy with the services. They gather the most committed and competent staff to manage all your bond cleaning needs.

You may think that hiring a professional end of leases cleaning service is costly. But if you make the research and check the cost properly, you’ll save money. Bull18 Cleaners provide end of lease cleaning services at affordable price.

Cleaning up the house doesn’t have to be a big business. You just look forward to the above-mentioned end of the lease cleaning tips to move with a positive attitude.

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