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5 Critical Areas To Verify During An End Of Lease Cleaning In Cheltenham, Melbourne

Are you leaving your home and looking for the best end of lease cleaning in Cheltenham? The end of the lease term means that the property is cleaned completely and thoroughly before vacating. Move in move out cleaning in Cheltenham is not just about disinfection or vacuuming, as many focus areas need to be taken care of properly if you want the real estate owner to be happy and return the bond funds in time. It is not an easy task and you need to hire cleaners in Cheltenham for that. It is always advisable to go to a trusted cleaning company with professional experts, ensuring a hassle-free end of lease cleaning.

End Of Lease Cleaning In Cheltenham

Certain areas that need to be checked carefully during the end of lease cleaning. Therefore, if you want to persuade the property owner and redeem the bond funds promptly, be sure to check these following areas during the end of the lease cleaning in Cheltenham, Melbourne.

Important Areas To Verify During An End Of Lease Cleaning in Cheltenham

  1. Living Room Cleaning- The living room is the most important area in the end of lease cleaning. This is the first area where a person arrives after driving. The area should be clean and attractive so that potential tenants can be persuaded by the landlord in the future. You should be very careful about the living room, as there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some important points that you should check to ensure that your living area is properly cleaned:
    • The furniture to which the owner belongs must be cleaned carefully
    • The sofas are clean and there is no hair in the corners
    • All corners of the living room should be properly cleaned
    • The area should be completely ready for the next tenant
  2. Kitchen Cleaning- Kitchen is another major area to focus on. It is one of the most active areas in the house and people are very special when it comes to kitchen hygiene and cleanliness. Be sure to check the following points before the cleaners in Cheltenham leave the house:
    The furniture to which the owner belongs must be cleaned carefully
    • All drawers must be empty
    • Dusty and oily areas should be properly cleaned with warm soapy water
    • The kitchen floor must be cleaned and covered well
    • Food pantry must be empty
    • The shelves should be clean and stain-free
    • Trash cans should be empty and well sterilized
  3. Bathroom Cleaning- Aside from the living room and kitchen, bathrooms are other important areas that are carefully examined by the owners. Cleaning the bathroom takes a lot of effort and you need to be very careful while checking it. Check these points in your bathroom before the owner enters the inspection:
    • Tiles, bathtubs, washbasins, and toilets should be properly cleaned and washed
    • Check if the drains are working properly, otherwise rent a plumber and make sure it is drained properly
    • The mirror should be clean
    • Check for accessories in the vanity drawer
    • Make sure to replace the missing handles and not break anything
  4. 5.Exterior Cleaning- After you’ve done an impressive job inside of your house, it’s time to check out the exterior of the house. The courtyard and garden areas are two sections that attract the heart of potential tenants. Here are the suggestions that will make the exterior of the house amazing:
    • Prune the bushes and make sure the area is arranged
    • If you want additional credits, you can replenish the plants you might have been ignoring for a while

End of lease cleaning is not a problem to worry about. If you are looking for the most trusted Cleaners in Cheltenham you can contact Bull18 Cleaners for the best move in move out cleaning in Cheltenham.

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