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10 Tips To Make Move Out Cleaning Successful

So, you have finally found a great home in another location. This is awesome news. But now you are a bit confused about whether to hire a move out cleaning company or do this entire task all by yourself. If you have done this before, it shouldn’t be that difficult. But if you have no experience in house cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning, it is better to go with a cleaning company. You want your home to look presentable to the new owners or tenants. Besides, if it is a rented apartment or house, you should perform this process with every bit of dedication because that is the only way to get your bond money back as well. Let’s help you out in making sure that you leave behind only a spotlessly clean property for the new owners.

1. Always Deep Clean Your Kitchen

It’s not very difficult to carry out a deep clean process in your kitchen. But then it can easily be one of the toughest areas to clean if you are not diligent enough. You will have to make sure that both the insides and outside of your cabinets, dishwashers, fridge, and freezers are absolutely clean. You will also have to take special care of your microwaves and grills. The same goes with your chimney setups and sink too. It is better to invest in a mild scrub pad for all those stubborn yet expensive surfaces. Cleaning them up with a little bit of dish wash detergent and warm water solution is a good idea. You can also invest in a reliable brand of plant-based cleaning solutions for your cupboards, windows, backsplashes, and countertops.

2. Do Not Forget Your Living Areas

Your living areas are also quite important because you spend the majority of your time in these spaces. You also entertain a lot of people in your living room, dining area, and your lounge. It is always a good idea to clean your shelves, cabinets, stands, stools, chairs, and fireplaces thoroughly. But remember not to be too harsh with pale-colored surfaces. And also, using vinegar or any kind of bleach on all those dark pieces of furniture is never a good idea. When it comes to furniture pieces and carpet cleaning, you will have to follow a totally different cleaning regime. Think about a carpet steam cleaning process for your expensive carpets and rugs. Vacuuming your upholstery is a more practical option than beating them with a stick to get all the dust and dirt out.

3. Your Bathroom Deserves A Good Scrub

The next and one of the most complicated spots in your house is your bathroom. This is going to need a very good scrub and with all the muscle power that you have. You will have to take special care of your shower area, the bathtub, the sink, and also the area underneath the sink. Remember to clean all your taps, rods, pipes, and every metal fitting inside your bathroom. There are chances that some areas are already infested with a lot of mould and limescale. Do not ignore these spots because they can have a very bad impact on the new owner. A great way to make sure that all your metallic surfaces are shining and bright is to use a mixture of table salt with lime juice. Dip an old toothbrush in it and scrub those surfaces thoroughly.

4. Do Not Neglect Your Garden And Exterior

A lot of move out cleaning companies would recommend starting with the exterior first. If you have chosen a package that includes your garage, patio, driveway, and balcony, you will be patting yourself on the back later. This is because it lightens your burden tremendously. It also makes sure that your property is clean, hygienic, and aesthetic for the new owner. It leaves a very strong and positive impression on the onlooker. This is why it is very important to pay special attention to your garden area and also make sure that all the rubbish has been cleaned out. If there is any shrub that has been bothering you or a tree that has grown too much in height, get it trimmed neatly. If there is a mess or any debris in your backyard, make sure that it is removed before any future tenant or potential buyer comes to see the property.

5. Remember To Pack All Your Stuff

How can you forget this critical step? You can either pack all your belongings before the cleaning begins or you can do it on the side. Make sure that all your suitcases are easily accessible. Always use durable cardboard boxes that come with double lining. Make sure that all your boxes and suitcases are labelled before you store them in a room for easy reach. Do not let the packing get delayed under any circumstances.

6. Move All Your Boxes To One Big Room

When you have already packed all your stuff, make sure that all of it is located in one room. Choose an area that is easily accessible to all your family members. Double check that all the boxes are cleaned, labelled properly, and colour-coded for everybody’s convenience. Do not seal them up just yet because you might need stuff from those boxes for a little while. Remember to categorise all the containers and leave free space around them for you to be able to walk and extract anything of use that you may need.

7. Always Clean From Top To Bottom

Now this applies to everyone who wants to perform move out cleaning by themselves. Even the experts follow this process. Cleaning from top to bottom is recommended because all the dirt and dust eventually falls to the surfaces located below it. This means that you will begin with your ceiling fans and the shelves that are located right at the top. You will then move on to your windows and to all your wall units, tables, and chairs, and then finally to your carpet and floor. Make sure to use a slightly damp sponge for those stubborn spots.

8. You Can Think About Polishing Your Windows

If you haven’t thought about using polish or any kind of varnish on your windows and door frames, think about it seriously. Once you have removed all the dirt and grime from their surfaces, the next step is to polish them nicely. This is going to give them a highly neat appearance and will make them look as good as new.

9. Lights Switches Matter As Well

Lights switches are often neglected but you should not do that. You must ensure that all your switches, panels, cabinets, and light covers are absolutely clean. They should not have any accumulated dust or fingerprints on them.

10. Floors Are Important Too

Floors are important too and you should do them right after you are done vacuuming and cleaning your carpets. Yes, some of your carpets and rugs can be vacuumed easily while others can be machine-washed if necessary. And when you are done with them, it is time to move on to your hardwood floors. Use the floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dry dust. You can then switch to a slightly damp mop to get rid of all those gravy stains and wine spots.

Final Thoughts

This is going to be a great move out cleaning project for you. It will be your mission. It will keep you occupied and active throughout the day. Cleaning your house can be fun if you have the right resources and adequate and appropriate information. This blog was an attempt to help you clean your property nicely and move out as soon as possible.

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