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10 Quick Tips For Your Day-to-Day House Cleaning Routine- Bull18 Cleaners Mulgrave

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be challenging and time-consuming. The trick to performing household cleaning easily and effectively is to create an easy-to-follow schedule that involves all the most important tasks. You want your house to be clean, but you don’t have days or even hours to do everything. There’s a lot of clutter in your room, and the chaos seems to multiply.

Don’t worry-here you’ll find 10 quick cleaning tips for your day-to-day house-cleaning routine that will help you minimize clumsiness, dust and debris in the bay and once in a year you can hire professional cleaners in Mulgrave to deep clean your house.

Bull18 Cleaners Mulgrave

  1. Make your bed every morning– Making your bed every morning is a fantastic way to start your day. Set aside 2 minutes every day to make your bed. A freshly made bed helps you feel on top of your day, regardless of the style and storage situation elsewhere in your bedroom. By doing this not only your bedroom will look neater, but you will find some positive energy throughout the day.
  2. Remove the clutter asap– Not only does clutter make the home messy, but it also makes keeping it clean more difficult. Try to get rid of clutter by taking 2 empty laundry baskets and an empty garbage bag in the first room you want to declutter. Fill one basket with dirty laundry and the other with the things that don’t belong to that room. Fill the garbage bag with trash. Then carry each basket and bag to the next room and take out the things that belong to the room and keep adding laundry to the other basket and litter to the bag. Follow this process in each room of the house to quickly put everything where it belongs and prep the whole house for cleaning.
  3. At the end of the day, please clean the dishwasher– Clearing away the dishes after a meal is one thing but cleaning your pots and pans, knives and chopping boards and emptying your dishwasher will give you the clean benchtops every morning. To manage your time on this cleaning priority, you must make sure to wash the dishes as soon as you eat. This will also keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.
  4. Clean countertops every time you cook– Dirty countertops attract household pests and make your kitchen look terrible. The kitchen is the most used room and requires daily cleaning. Make sure to clear the counter every time you cook. This will help keep your kitchen counters clean at all times.
  5. Clean bathroom vanity after use– Always clean away your cosmetics and personal care products from the bathroom vanity after use and clean your bathroom every morning. Make sure you have a spot for everything and immediately pack your stuff to keep dust away and make it easier to vacuum and scrub down your benches. Arrange cosmetics and hair products in shelves, zippers, or acrylic holders to encourage simple storage and easy access. If your makeup collection is expensive, it’s worth investing in storage boxes to properly care for and organize. Invest in containers to store other essential items to keep your vanity looking clutter-free.
  6. Use organizers and stackable containers for storage– Invest in a system of containers for your under-sink storage is the best way to clean your bathroom and look good. By investing in storage containers we can simply clutter all the stuff into it and it also helps to save items from getting lost. You can also use organizers throughout the house to keep things in your hallway, bedside tables and kid’s craft stations.
  7. Use doormats in all areas– Use doormats in all areas of your house to keep clean the entire house. Doormats help in keeping the dirt away from your shoes when entering the house. The less you track the soil indoors, the less you need to clean the floor. Keep them outside your home by using the doormats on each exterior door. Vacuum or shake it every few days.
  8. Put indoor plants in your house– Indoor plants purify your air and keep you healthy and can improve quality of life in a multitude of ways. Not only do indoor plants improve the overall look of a house, but they are also proven to boost mood, increase creativity, reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants.
  9. Empty your trash often– Instead of letting kitchen and household trash bins pile up in a creaking mess, empty the bin and recycle often. This is a great job for kids who are learning to contribute to housekeeping if you make it fun. Place small bins into each room in your home- Dining rooms, bathrooms and living room to ensure trash is not collected.
  10. Keep a housekeeping Schedule– Write a simple checklist and post it prominently, at the front of your fridge. Then remind yourself again: You don’t have to do everything on this list all at once. Deal with one or two items a day, and distribute tasks to other family members if possible. One of the most important secrets to keeping a clean home is following a consistent schedule or you can hire a professional cleaning company like Bull18 Cleaners.

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