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Specialized Services

Price Starts from $30*/H
Price Starts from $30*/H
Price Starts from $129*
Price Starts from $79*


Professional Cleaning Services Company in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, & Canberra

We are renowned for offering a range of finest cleaning services to the customers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra to suit the specific cleaning needs of our customers. If you want to make your premises spotless clean and healthy then it is imperative for you to hire regular and reliable cleaning services to prevent dirt and germs buildup.

At Bull18 Cleaner, our experienced and dedicated team can help and assist you on a single phone call. They will assist you with any of your cleaning jobs from arranging your first domestic cleaning service to securing replacements if for any reason your regular cleaner is away.

Why Hire Our Cleaning Services Company?

  • In-depth cleaning procedures that work even on unseen germs and bacteria.
  • Cleaning contracts for house, office, schools and commercial building.
  • Expert in move out cleaning and end of lease cleaning services.
  • Provide regular cleaning services to stop dirt buildup and breeding.
  • Well skilled and expert cleaners.
  • Wide range of cleaning services.
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning materials.

Types of Cleaning Services We Provide

Price Starts from @$30*/H

Commercial Cleaning

Price Starts from $129*

Move In / Out Cleaning

Price Starts from @$30*/H

School Cleaning

Price Starts from $30*/H

Window Cleaning

Price Starts from $49*

Car Detailing

Price Starts from $49*

Mattress Cleaning

Price Starts from $30*/H

Building Maintenance

Price Starts from $30*/H



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What Our Customer Say About Us


Recently, we found the Cleaning Company. My husband and I would like to thank you so much for your services provided over the weekend.


I was always an individual who wanted everything to be clean and well organised. However, severe time constraints just didn’t...


My wife was a complete home maker. Be it hectic work schedule or overtimes, she managed the house so well. But things got out...


Bull 18 Cleaning Services at it’s best! All their crews are friendly and easy to work with. They perfectly took over our janitorial

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